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#1 by sixofor
2021-04-13 at 09:08
< report >So, I've played through the ZE trilogy, loved (most of) it. I played AI: the somnium files. It was good. Watched a playthrough of Ever17 (because I couldn't get a hold of it), adored it. I've been wanting to play through all of Uchikoshi's Visual Novels, so of course, Remember11 is the next step (I've heard that Never7 isn't supposed to be that good, and I know the main twist, so I don't really feel like reading that one). But unlike Ever17, I'd like to read Remember11 in a VN form. But here's my question. How do I get a copy of Remember11. I've only been able to find physical copies for the PSP and PS2 (which I don't own) in Japanese (which I don't understand). I've looked for English downloads for PC, but the only alive links are from sketchy websites.

Does anybody have a safe way to play Remember11? I don't mind spending money, but not too much if possible.
#2 by kiru
2021-04-13 at 09:19
< report >This is not an Uchikoshi game. Easy to confuse, but the only ones left you have are 12Riven and Punch Line.
Remember 11 is by the one also behind I/O and Root Double. Yes, Uchikoshi was part of this project, but it's not his story. And.. in all honesty. You really feel that.

Check the main writer on this vn's page.Last modified on 2021-04-13 at 09:20
#3 by sixofor
2021-04-13 at 12:34
< report >Ok, thanks. And I forgot about Punch Line, I've watched the anime. I'm still gonna read Remember11, since I've heard it's good.


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