Can't launch the game...

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#1 by sterpein
2021-04-14 at 21:56
< report >I've already tried everything I could think for in Win7 but I always get the error "error: loader couldn't initialize service!, I've tried in Win10 in my laptop but unlike with Win7 in my desktop it just doesn't open without any message whatsover, it just closes automatically every time I try to run it, and then I tried to run the game by creating a Virtual Box of Win XP (32bits), and I've already installed the unicode for the japanese language, and then changing my regional language inside the Virual Box to Japanese but I STILL can't run it, and I get this message link

I've spent so many hours trying to get a solution but to no vain... I know this is an old game and it can be difficult to run so that's why I tried to do it in a Virtual Box of Win XP, and I don't think I should need to use a SO even older than XP... This isn't really THAT old anyway.

So yeah... If someone can please help me to find a solution I would highly appreciate it, I really don't know what more can I do at this point. Obviously I've already tried by both running it as administrator and normally.
#2 by ithoo
2021-04-14 at 22:43
< report >I had exactly the same problem with another eroge recently. It didn't work at all in Win10, so I tried it in a virtual machine (XP 32 bits) and didn't get any results either. That "insert disk" message appeared only when I put some compatibility mode in the virtual machine, because if I ran it by default it just didn't work.
Finally - and after a couple of hours - I could only give up.
You were dealing with the digital copy? in the other thread someone said that one had worked
#3 by sterpein
2021-04-15 at 14:39
< report >#2 Yeah, I'm trying with the digital copy. I'm not sure how could I even buy the physical version of the game tbh, since I never bought a VN or eroge in physical, even if it has been translated in english. If that helps though, I don't mind buying the game in physical but I've no knowledge when it comes to buying VNs or eroges online that are not digital, especially for an old game like this one.

I'll ask in the other thread if can tell me how he did it then, thanks for the response.
#4 by sterpein
2021-04-15 at 22:39
< report >Welp, finding the crack by googling was the only way I found in the end to be able to play the game. With that said, you still need to use XP on top of that in order to play it.


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