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#1 by shizukasensei
2021-04-19 at 15:46
< report >I noticed that there's no discussion here, so I'm roll the ball. I read the untranslated version (I don't think that there's a translated version), and it was really meh, I give this a strong 6/10 for a VN casual like me, got through it because I had a lot of 日本語 listening in a short amount of time, even though my reading is probably in between grade 2 to 3 level, I comprehended everything, because this VN is fairly basic. Basic vanilla love story with a twist and meh h-scenes, I only read this because it's short (2-10 hours) and the heroine was fairly appealing, though the h-scenes didn't really pan out, read this if you want to coonsoom a short vanilla fluff story.


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