Philosophical parallels with Miyamoto Musashi?

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#1 by onorub
2021-04-20 at 21:04
< report >I'd like some help here, because i'm severely lacking in solid data and i lot of what i have is based on hearsay.

From what i'd heard, Miyamoto Musashi was really careless during his teenage years, later becoming more refined during his adult life and ultimately realizing the foolishness of duels to the death after retiring from them.

One thing that interested me is that knowing how much of a samurai buff the author of Hanachirasu and Muramasa is, i can't help but think that those two VNs are based on Musashi's philoshopies through life.

Hanachirasu: caring about the duel beyond all else to the point of becoming a "beast", parallel with Musashi's teenage years.
Muramasa: having duels on a more dignified way and even realizing the foolishness of killing, parallel with Mushashi's adult life and old age.

I'd like to know more data to confirm these thoughts, because i'd interesting to think that this author based those sword-fighting VNs on the philosophies of the one considered to be the greatest swordsman.


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