Do not play with the H-Scenes ruins the experience

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#1 by calo-7
2021-05-01 at 16:08
< report >So many threads about h scenes, while the scenes are probably the cringiest of all VNs, the most out of character sex scenes ever. Riki out of all people would be fucking saya in broad daylight in the middle of the school after just kissing her? cringe as fuck. The h scenes themselves are not even that bad (besides SHA LALALA) but the context of them is unbelievably cringe. then suddenly Riki turns into a rapist and rapes Komari??? These are the worst h scene in VN history simply because of context, at least in other key works its somewhat believable the protagonist would fuck the girls, but Riki? lol. do yourself a favor and don't ruin LB play without the scenes and look up the scenes if you must.Last modified on 2021-05-01 at 16:17
#2 by n8marezero
2021-05-02 at 00:33
< report >How about people just play things however they want without everyone feeling the need to tell them how "bad" something is all the time? I'm sick of the "Porn ruins Little Busters and is better without" argument. The global/English "Perfect" release already removed it so you won. Even JOPs most of the time read the same release because it's the "definitive" one (even just for the improved engine).

then suddenly Riki turns into a rapist and rapes Komari???
That's not really shocking considering the same thing happens in previous key/Tactics games in some routes. It was just as out of place in those games and you could say it "ruined" something. Little Busters didn't invent this. I do agree that it can be infuriating when writers completely change a character's personality like that. I've read some moege with kind and helpful protagonists who suddenly turned into sadistic assholes during sex. Like why??? Different writers I suppose.

With key games that HAVE H-scenes people are always quick to say the games should be all-ages because the H is "bad." I say so what if it is? Some people still want it despite that. Not to mention that quality of porn is just as subjective as enjoyment of art and music. I've read H-scenes that were considered god-tier and they didn't rouse me at all. I've also read "bad" key H-scenes that I liked. Some people love key games because of the emotions they can experience and other people think it's all boring, melodramatic and predictable. They're all opinions and just as valid.

Usually the hatred for key H-scenes is accompanied by telling you that the original didn't have porn and it was only added later, and that key president Baba in an interview said they only added porn to their games because everyone used to have to add it for sales but that with times changing they could finally make games without porn.
In my opinion that doesn't matter at all because they DID add porn in some version or another so it exists. Thus if you want to read it with porn that's fine. You can't change the fact that "bad" porn existed in key nakige. To some people this somehow ruins the games like "oh no, my innocent waifu I cried over did the naughty, she's now tainted. Game ruined forever. Kusoge 0/10!" On the other side you have idiots shitting on all-ages only key games calling them kusoge for NOT having any porn, so they won't ever look at them until they add porn (and even then they wouldn't because they don't like these games or also call the porn bad lol). Not sure which side is more pathetic.

- read it however YOU want
- LB is NOT the first key game to do weird shit in H-scenes
- versions with "bad" porn exist, you can't rewrite history
- if a game never had porn so be it, you can still give it a chance
- porn is subjective = calling it "bad" is not a fact = stop doing it and let people experience it on their own (or not if they choose all-ages)

Last and most importantly: Sha La La Ecstasy is great, you pleb. Just kidding about the latter. I do like the song though. There's much MUCH worse porn music in eroge though that's just my opinion not a fact.
#3 by vario
2021-05-02 at 06:48
< report >It's been the same argument for 10+ years while Key 18+ games in fact aren't *that* different from other VNs. Porn is hardly "pure" to begin with so simply avoid adult versions like #2 said. And it clearly shows that some people from the pure crowd have never had actual sexual experience because people definitely change when they are horny. Even when they're shy and quiet usually.
#4 by animenger
2021-05-02 at 07:29
< report >Idk what these dudes are on about but I second not reading Little Busters with 18+ scenes because, and I quote myself here, "It just don't feel right lmao"Last modified on 2021-05-02 at 07:41
#5 by surferdude
2021-05-02 at 11:20
< report >@#2
That's probably one of the most normal, common sense opinions I've seen on this site. Respect!
#6 by mutsuki
2021-05-02 at 15:03
< report >i love it how everyone is roasting this dude for giving his opinion and a suggestion
#7 by mrkew
2021-05-02 at 15:15
< report >Obviously, when the opinion is wrong.
#8 by vninfohata
2021-05-02 at 16:02
< report >Entire post full of untagged spoilers. Not cool.
#9 by funnerific
2021-05-02 at 16:13
< report >These "spoilers" are completely fine and I support the OP.Last modified on 2021-05-02 at 16:13
#10 by vladulenta
2021-05-02 at 16:14
< report >This might be a bit besides the point,but after beating little busters and learning that the "perfect" version had actually removed all sex scenes with no way to turn them back or any mention of their existence,then immediately learning that people were somehow defending changing a game because they themselves thought it was somehow better,I was filled with such a white hot rage of a thousand suns that I started learning Japanese after that,so that no publisher could ever try to push that kind of subtle shit on the novels that I'm so passionte right now.
So I thank them in a way,now I can ready whatever novel I want,and am still wary of any translated works of any kind.
#11 by kiru
2021-05-02 at 18:08
< report >Little Busters is all ages from the get go. The adult stuff being tacked on.. isn't a surprise. It's just like playing adult->all ages conversions, where you still know where the adult stuff is, for the most past.
Doesn't mean that it has to be bad. But depending on the game, it definitely is.
#12 by flvbycjctnheheh
2021-10-12 at 06:57
< report >What the actual F? I read the all-ages version of the game about eight years ago, and I can't remember anything in Komari's route that could possibly lead to rape. I thought that @1 was bullshitting, but both Komari and Riki have an "avoidable rape" tag, so what actually happened?
#13 by draconyan
2021-10-12 at 07:19
< report >@12 I can't remember the actual tone of the H scene, but it happens right after Komari gets her emotional breakdown seeing the dead puppy, and she starts believing Riki is her brother. I presume this falls into the "dubious consent" category regardless of the tone? I don't have the means to check anymore.
#14 by avsgepk88
2021-10-12 at 13:49
< report >I will play the Ecstasy edition just to spite OP
#15 by animenger
2021-10-12 at 17:20
< report >We all know that y'all aren't trying to "spite" anyone or prove some kinda great point. Just go quietly read your 18+ versions of every single thing possible so you can see your precious CGs 😂


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