A little bit "unfinished"?

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#1 by erogenie
2021-05-04 at 02:56
< report >Ah yes,this one..so I've been digging through this title for months,and guess what? I find this game lacking the content that can have real potential,there's this set of virgin trio,of which 2 of them have a sex scene,but not enough,and the best girl imo in this title is the blond loli with a star hair clip,I've been trying to find a pic of her doing some naughty stuff,but alas,none of them can be found,this ruins the experience for me..have any of you tried to fan art her? I really wanted to see that. (bonus points if there's either a pissing scene or raised,nude armpit sex)
As for the oppai loli, who was with the blond loli,I want to see her boobs get groped (I mean,look at it,that's big enough to do a boobjob,would be even better if it's milked)
Overall,I find this title "unfinished" because of that.Last modified on 2021-05-04 at 04:12
#2 by erogenie
2021-05-04 at 04:34
< report >in case of the oppai loli,she look like this
please use discretion,18+ content,show it to no one but for your own eyes,and so is this for the one I asked the most
edit: dammit hitomi,I can't do jack with this,I'll go somewhere else.Last modified on 2021-05-04 at 05:32
#3 by erogenie
2021-05-04 at 05:24
< report >ok,I'm starting to get very disappointed to say that this title has loads of lolis in there,but hardly shown,if anyone can do fan art with the lolis found in this picture here except Aoi,who is front and center (I already know that she's getting into it more than they do) I appreciate it very much,sorry for being rude on this thing,but hey,it happens.
edit: dammit again hitomi,why you keep failing me like this.Last modified on 2021-05-04 at 05:32


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