Should I read the steam version?

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#1 by iwannarategames
2021-05-04 at 08:53
< report >It seems really convient and accessible. Is it an ok way to read this VN?
#2 by acereishiki
2021-05-04 at 08:57
< report >Why not? Why are you hesitating? No major difference between the different versions.
#3 by iwannarategames
2021-05-04 at 08:58
< report >Higurashi is a famous VN that has multiple releases in multiple languages. I was presuming that not all of them were made equal.Last modified on 2021-05-04 at 08:58
#4 by acereishiki
2021-05-04 at 09:03
< report >Unless you're comparing it to the old and the officially unavailable previous English version, nothing major. It's all MangaGamer, all the same. There's multiple enhanced 'editions' somewhere, but most of them are mods.
#5 by vario
2021-05-05 at 07:31
< report >For now the Steam version is the best one if you want to get an official edition on PC.
#6 by luckydaikon
2021-05-05 at 15:58
< report >The Steam version is also compatible with 7th Mod, which lets you add voices from console editions and revert some music changes. It also lets you add bonus chapters. I've been playing Higurashi as the modded Steam version, and I really enjoy it. I don't know much about the English TL but my sister is reading it and seems to like it.
#7 by bcirno
2021-05-06 at 03:04
< report >steam version with 07th-mod ( is the best option to read it on pc, unless you own switch and you can read jp (not sure if something was added in switch version, content-wise)
voice adds a lot to experience, ps3 graphic looks nice, also you can choose between NVL and ADV mode


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