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#1 by jobforabrokeboi
2021-05-12 at 18:41
< report >Does anyone have any of the freeware VNs or links to anything about what happened to these devs (or how to contact them)? I've only played 2 of their works way back but now it seems like all their work is lost to the internet, and it's a shame.

This is probably all in vain, but hey, doesn't hurt to try.
#2 by eacil
2021-05-12 at 21:00
< report >Chocolate Love > link

I found one with the wayback machine. Try the same for the others.
#3 by jobforabrokeboi
2021-05-12 at 21:51
< report >Thanks for this. Unfortunately, it seems Chocolate Love is the only one that works with this method.


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