Add the gacha characters?

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#1 by kratoscar2008
2021-05-13 at 23:03
< report >So we have a port of the content of the gacha on GOLD.
Can we include characters from it? Or maybe a new entry?
I mean we have Battle Arena Taimanin so really no reason not to have it.
#2 by durper
2021-05-14 at 16:53
< report >If you know someone who can disassemble the game (or are able yourself), and recreate every character (so their stats, skills, sprites and all that) with the WMX assets, it would be possible, if not long. I believe winkel mentioned that in the patch thread.
#3 by winkel-hime
2021-05-14 at 18:20
< report >I assume kratoscar2008 meant adding WWX characters to the characters page of ES GOLD here, on VNDB. I don't think it's against any VNDB rules, but it's a big chunk of manual work for questionable benefit.
#4 by durper
2021-05-14 at 18:29
< report >Oh, yeah that would explain the comparison to TABA. Then yeah, agreed.
#5 by kratoscar2008
2021-06-09 at 03:24
< report >Completely forgot the thread.
Im adding it then.


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