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#276 by oscarotaku1
2022-09-13 at 23:09
< report >Hi madotsuki-chan
Here again to talk about otome domain(link)
I will respond to your arguments according to the order in which you wrote them.
>Exactly, if you read my arguments again, I always asked them to show the evidence that the translation is MTL, but these guys always talked about things from the past from years ago, but no evidence about the translation.
1 -In other words, can we report every translation we see that has typos and mark it as "MTL"? even though they may be human typing errors?
2.-Is it serious? The fact that I'm looking for tools all over the internet makes you come across these things (for example link), especially when you put words like "Text extract" "compile"" etc. in the search engine.
3.-Yes, before there were 2 comments on VNPPC complaining that due to spelling errors they crossed him out of mtl, and the responses to the comments are funny hahaha, when the war started, on September 10 more appeared, which is only the minority of the 30 comments.
4.-you return to the subject of the "past" as the other subject, and you did not provide proof that it is MTL, dammit, you would have used these 4 points to provide the evidence as you did in the next paragraph, Same people? Each project has an assigned translator, who are different translators, most of them know English, two are translators who know Japanese and one of them translated FEOD.

I just saw the evidence, What I can tell you is that each translator has different ways of interpreting their translation, according to their criteria or way of seeing things. There are references and jokes that the translator himself put in (Argentine idiom) and that already says about the effort what makes you.

JP:「あの、お、お嬢様!? なな何をなさっているんですかっ
PGJ:「¿¡O-Ojou-sama!? ¿¡Q-qué está haciendo!?」
GT: "¡Uhm, Ojou-sama! ¿¡Qué estás haciendo!?"

PGJ:「Quitándome las pantis tal y como ves...」
GT: Como pueden ver, me estoy quitando los pantalones...

JP:「それは分かっていますっ! ボクがお尋ねしたいのは、そういうことではなくて!」
PGJ「¡Eso ya lo se! ¡Pero no me refería a eso!」
GT: ¡Yo sé eso! ¡Eso no es lo que quiero preguntar!

as you can see, it is not MTL, I leave a link where the admin or person in charge of resolving or closing this dispute can download the script in txt format and compare it with Google Translate and draw their own conclusions, thanks
#277 by Ezezin
2022-09-14 at 00:20
< report >
the admin or person in charge
In this case, that would be me.

I've been silently reading all arguments thus far and I'm not fully convinced this is MTL, but a very bad translation made by someone who doesn't know their own main language. Made my eyes hurt by every read sentence. The ideas are relatively good, but sentence structure and grammar is a mess. This doesn't need a few fixes. It needs a whole re-edition.Last modified on 2022-09-14 at 00:22
#278 by black99
2022-09-14 at 00:36
< report >I agree. I've used DeepL, Google, Yandex, Sugoi Translator and Bing to check if it's MTL'd but I guess it's not. Yet the translation is pretty bad, I would've prefered an edited MTL instead of a badly hand translation.
#279 by oscarotaku1
2022-09-14 at 00:44
< report >This is the answer I've been waiting for, we'll keep updating the patch, I just couldn't let these guys mark the translation as "MTL", thanks
#280 by Ezezin
2022-09-14 at 00:53
< report >Hopefully you can do it. You "just" need that (very long and hard) final step. I know it's hard finding someone with a good grasp of Spanish, but once you finish it, you can bet that I will read this translation.
#281 by black99
2022-09-14 at 00:53
< report >We're happy to announce that your translation is really bad but hey, it's not MTL!
#282 by usagi
2022-10-15 at 01:06
< report >deletedLast modified on 2022-10-15 at 01:10
#283 by Ernovace
2022-10-15 at 09:27
< report >r95000 is MTL. The steam page mentions that the text is machine translation.
#284 by raika03
2022-10-15 at 16:08
< report >#283 had hopes for JAST gonna pick up fuck this shit:(
#285 by usagi
2022-10-16 at 23:05
< report >r12578 is MTL as far as I remember. Half of the lines was unreadable garbage.Last modified on 2022-10-18 at 16:41
#286 by cubky
2022-11-12 at 06:03
< report >Dont want to get into an edit war over an MTL release, so asking for mod update for r98367.3 and r98366.4 - seems like the author of the releases thinks that edited MTL is not MTL.
#287 by KEVINNGW808
2022-11-19 at 10:49
< report >Guys, we have new problem.

In DLSite, they are using AI Patch Translation to TL any VNs. Unfortunately, they are using MTL.

AI Patch Intro

So I need you guys to keep aware about any VNs that get this patch.
#288 by Saetron
2022-11-23 at 21:20
< report >#287 at least DLsite is saying that AI Translation Plus Titles are getting official translations and that the patches are only there for the time till the official translation is finished. (which sadly isnt true for AI Translation titles ...)


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