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#76 by lunaterra
2021-07-05 at 01:30
< report >Korean translation of Quest for Adventure: That Time I Worked at an Inn in the Town Next to the Dark Lord's Dungeon. is MTL, as stated directly on the game's itch page: link
#77 by tester
2021-07-05 at 20:49
< report >Actually, can this and probably even that be considered not an MTL?

Some time ago one man asked the main translator, from what did they translating the game: from that abysmal English "translation" (SakuraGame's) or from Chinese original?
What, did you think, he answered?
"It depends". Why? "<...> We have no people who know Chinese. Because of that it kinda hard to translate, but possible". (He used word "китайцев", as I understand, metaphorically: not as China citizen, but as actually Chinese knowing person).

Proof is here (see "Секундочку... это перевод с того кошмарного английского или вы с китайского переводите?" comment and below). Warning: Russian only!

So basically they are translating it from SakuraGame's "translation" and, when they can't understand even what is going on, from Chinese, without even knowing Chinese. That is, if I didn't get anything wrong.
Can it really be considered a human translation (that demo and the upcoming project)?Last modified on 2021-07-05 at 20:56
#78 by beliar
2021-07-05 at 21:21
< report >Yes, it has been established that a translation from a machine translation should also be labeled as an MT. So, if they haven't acquired any CH translators since then, these should be flagged.
#79 by ezezin
2021-07-08 at 02:54
< report >There are some removed spanish MTL during a edit war last year that were not restored (I think it started in t13601.43).

Edit: These are the releases: r61558, r63794 r65178 and r65246.Last modified on 2021-07-09 at 03:39
#80 by shukumeiteki1
2021-07-13 at 00:17
< report >pretty sure this r54440 is MTL'd
#81 by tester
2021-07-13 at 06:39
< report >Actually, can this be an MTL, given this, that and that? Or it's just a very bad translation?Last modified on 2021-07-13 at 06:40
#82 by adamstan
2021-07-13 at 07:06
< report >@81 - AFAIK it's just poor translation, because of different translators translating different bits without context, and no competent editor to tie it all together.
#83 by beliar
2021-07-13 at 19:53
< report >
pretty sure this r54440 is MTL'd
While there is no direct evidence, the TL is so bad, it must be at least partially machined.
#84 by desann
2021-07-15 at 05:19
< report >r80945 is edited MTL - confirmed by translator in link
#85 by sonicokyu
2021-08-11 at 16:28
< report >r54565 and r77287 are probably MTLs. The TLs are so bad, so full of bugs and so incoherent that they're probably at least partially machine translated. Besides, this isn't the first time this particular group and their releases are considered as machine translations. It's probably edited a bit, but it's still an MTL.





r77286 is probably machine-made as well, considering how they were so insistent in denying into the notes. They will obviously deny they're MTLs, but it's too obvious.Last modified on 2021-08-11 at 16:58
#86 by shukumeiteki1
2021-08-11 at 17:33
< report >@85 can you explain a bit more, from the screenshots alone I can't tell to be honest,
"Ahora... yo finalmente.... podré ir a casa...voy a ser liberado de este loco mundo..." <- only issue I see here is the "yo" before "finalmente", it kinda sounds wrong but it's no incorrect... just something like a kid would translate (without enough school education).
"Ser entrenado por usted será mi orgullo de por vida. Es gracias a ti que he llegado tan lejos" <- another one I don't see anything wrong, then again I can't compare it to anything to check if it's correct or not.
link <-- again, this is fine too.
what exactly are you pointing out here? It's not great but I can't actually say it's MTLs so far.Last modified on 2021-08-11 at 17:36
#87 by sonicokyu
2021-08-11 at 18:09
< report >@86 The first sentence is quite unnatural. Loco mundo is probably based on mad world, which is what GT spits out.

The issue with the second one is how they refer to Marimo as "usted" and then later use "gracias a *ti*". No manual translation would fuck this up, no matter how bad the translator is.

Third one has the same issue as the first one. Nadie sabe el futuro and Trabaja duro under that context seem MTL.
#88 by sonicokyu
2021-08-11 at 18:16
< report >link Another example of unnatural text and untranslated names. I currently don't have other examples, but regardless this isn't the first time they're accussed from MTL.

Some of their releases were already reported a while back even. Why they haven't been classified as MTL is surprising (They even mentioned they MTLed a .txt dile)Last modified on 2021-08-11 at 18:27
#89 by shukumeiteki1
2021-08-11 at 18:36
< report >"Este loco mundo" <-this one more as an expression prob "este mundo loco", both are technical right thou one sounds unnatural. (btw I translated "crazy world" with google and the output is "mundo loco" not "loco mundo" so this is not something even a MTLs does, which is why I didnt think it was clear proof of being MTLs.

Well, what you are pointing out seems weird (the "usted" and then "ti" is like the "yo", either a high school kid or there is something going on)
And yeah that last one is extremely suspicious, "del infierno se habría convertido" doesn't belong there, this would make sense if you add "QUE se habría" but it seems to me that since it was being translated in batches because of the "..." the MTLs translated everything as its own sentence rather than a whole big one and thus that ended out of context, also the name.

While I can't say 100% that it is in fact MTLs since I did not read any of their translations, from the evidence I would say it's quite possible.

EDIT: I think the issue is that translating something with google for example from english to spanish is so good (nothing like english>japanese where you can tell with a single glance) that sometimes is hard to tell what is being translated by a human and what is by a machine, though like here one will sound more "stiff" or a bit unnatural to say the least.Last modified on 2021-08-11 at 18:48
#90 by koyomiyume
2021-08-12 at 20:00
< report >link

"No tener Sumika a mi lado" Also, it should be "vacío", not "vació" which is just plain wrong in the context of that line. It's suspicious because not even a high schooler would commit these mistakes.


And about this one, I'm not sure if it's literally translated or MTL since I don't know what the original line was, but adding it just in case (>MTL from Ixrec translation lol)Last modified on 2021-08-13 at 00:51
#91 by hybrid-being
2021-08-12 at 21:56
< report >According to this, r78836 is MTL.
#92 by poudink
2021-08-17 at 15:26
< report >Do games that were partially MTL'd qualify for this? Like the old Clannad fan translation which MTL'd After Story and some of the Higurashi console arc translations?
#93 by shukumeiteki1
2021-08-17 at 19:47
< report >>Do games that were partially MTL'd qualify for this? Like the old Clannad fan translation which MTL'd After Story and some of the Higurashi console arc translations?
was this ever confirmed or is there proof? I've read plenty of times people complaining about the lack of quality in after story but is not confirmed (yes, including the comparison between the new and the old translation), then again being bad doesn't necessarily mean it was machine translated, we should tag 90% of translations if that were the case.Last modified on 2021-08-17 at 20:29
#94 by beliar
2021-08-17 at 21:31
< report >Not really. Releases like r78836, that only have a relatively small part of the script MTL'd, won't be flagged, as it's not fair to the rest of the translation. A note is enough in such cases.
#95 by hoshii-san
2021-08-18 at 03:41
< report >@89 Verifying whether the translations in that group are MTL is complicated. They include members to translate something specific and some are terrible, some are bad and some are good from time to time. I say this because I know how the group works. For example this translation they did was clearly MTL and was removed. They used to have a good editor, but I think he got tired of reviewing those kinds of translations. r61572
#96 by shukumeiteki1
2021-08-18 at 03:58
< report >@95 then that translation should be added back again but as MTL, not that I care really xD.

From what you say and from what I've seen they mostly do machine translations, if they did it with a vn that is a few minutes long then I can't imagine they would have taken the time to actually translate something that is a lot of hours long... and the evidence points that it is machine translated too, so I would tag link and link as such.Last modified on 2021-08-18 at 04:03
#97 by poudink
2021-08-18 at 04:32
< report >Actually, I'm not sure it was confirmed. I remember a lot of people claiming it was MTL, but I guess I do vaguely remember people also disputing those claims. Well, it was simply an example, so it doesn't really matter.
#98 by shukumeiteki1
2021-08-18 at 04:35
< report >Well it's relevant if it was indeed confirmed that they used MTL (I guess it was since it was removed because of that) since that gives us proof to back our assumptions on their other releases (such as muv luv alt)
#99 by ezezin
2021-08-18 at 07:51
< report >Finally someone else reported those translations as MTL. I also reported two of them back in t16054.49 but the group "denied" that they used MTL (or more like avoided the discussion, and with half lies).
Back then I was having this conversation with one of the translators, but I thought it wouldn't change anything if I posted it on that moment.
#100 by hoshii-san
2021-08-18 at 09:35
< report >The conversation that ezezin showed, for those who don't know Spanish, shows that the translator of one of their translations left the job halfway through and those in the group gave it to someone else who did it very poorly. And when they claimed it wasn't MTL, they gave the responsibility to the first translator.