Suspicious reviews

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#26 by dj-horn
2021-06-08 at 00:47
< report >@21 There's nothing in the game itself directing people here. The only way people would even see the one comment I made about VNDB on my Discord (Which was copied and posted in #8) is to dig through months and months worth of announcement posts. I really have no way to prevent people from doing it and I do wish they'd be more active on the site.
#27 by sanahtlig
2021-06-08 at 03:56
< report >What's done is done. You can make up for it by making a great game that inspires people to spontaneously leave positive reviews, like #22.
#28 by antherus
2021-06-13 at 05:16
< report >#26 I had no clue your game existed until I saw this thread. I played it, and ... well, it's good!

Keep it up, I'm waiting to see more updates / the finished product.


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