I recommended Planetarian to my sister

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#1 by daniozzy
2021-06-02 at 13:28
< report >I recommended Planetarian to my sister and i think she will like, but my real question is and of course i don't want but, she will cry?Last modified on 2021-06-02 at 13:51
#2 by daniozzy
2021-06-02 at 19:07
< report >*Will she cry, Sorry my english is bad
#3 by luckydaikon
2021-06-03 at 01:13
< report >I think that depends on your sister, haha. I may have cried a little. I really liked it though!
#4 by daniozzy
2021-06-03 at 05:00
< report >She finished and told me she cried but at the end i remembered the game and in front of her i started to cry like a baby, Omg what a shame...


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