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#1 by lordstarfish
2021-06-02 at 20:01
< report >Okay, so I noticed that my tag for "Only One Bad Ending" got downvoted and I can't seem to see any other places where I can actually contest this, so...
The mandatory first ending for Sorane's route has her dying at the end right in front of our hero who is utterly powerless to save her. Sure, there is also an ending where she lives, but you have to go through the ending where she dies in order to access the one where she doesn't, and the "Sorane dies" ending is where the credits come. And unless I somehow missed something (which would have to be something that, at the very least in the Switch port, doesn't show up on the scene selection since that shows that I reached 100%) elsewhere, I don't think there were any other dead ends in this game. Literally every other ending you can get is some variation of "And then Ichito and whichever heroine he fell in love with lived happily ever after."

So... How does that tag not apply?
#2 by diabloryuzaki
2021-06-02 at 20:54
< report >if heroine's death = bad ending then ria route (kin'iro) and eustia route (aiyoku no eustia) will be bad ending. sometime death is necessary to get good/true ending

in this case her death is not bad ending because the development to reach it is not filled by bad flag too much
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#3 by MikuxDrift
2021-06-02 at 21:33
< report >^ This.
But with a thought process drawn out from the endings of Kana ~Imouto~ and other VN's alike.

Death of Heroine would had been a better tag for this. based also from its desc.
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#4 by lordstarfish
2021-06-02 at 21:37
< report >Firstly you just spoiled those games.
Secondly I have not played those games and can't speak to how their endings relate to anything else.
Thirdly the route in this game doesn't connect to anything else unless you count Alternate-Universe Ichito describing that other ending as a bad dream he had as somehow just undoing the fact that the initial ending happened at all. Yet, even if one does assume that (which doesn't make sense considering how the good end to that route depends on Ichito having properly studied magic which wasn't the case in any other route in the game because it's implied to happen Post-Arisa Route Timeline Reset) that still doesn't change that at the time you get that initial ending... It's still an ending. It still triggers the credits. The only hint that it's not the end is the lack of a post-credits CG and no bonus epilogue unlocking in the re-releases. And it is an ending where nothing positive happens. The protagonist flat-out fails in his stated goal. While other routes in the series have had sad endings before, said sad endings were either then subverted in their own epilogues or it was still a cathartic and fitting conclusion a la Mahiru in II P.S.

Well... I unironically did like the tragic ending to this route better than the subsequent happy ending because the happy ending was literally just "Because I learned magic I was able to save her!" with absolutely no elaboration and we don't even see the act, only its aftermath.
#5 by MikuxDrift
2021-06-03 at 02:10
< report >I hope this doesn't come across to you of me as rude.
Read again your own comment.

Because you already kinda got the gist of it and the reason why that perceived by some "Bad end" is not really a "true bad end". but rather an "End" that showing of the other "possibility" that was executed poorly.(or more of a depressing end in other words.) I wouldn't be surprised either if that "bad end" was actually the real end for her.

(sometimes i just really hate CIRCUS for this story decisions. -_- )

Don't get me wrong. As much as i want to call it a "Bad end" but there is no actual bad ending happened or bad enough to consider it despite how Sora-nee's story may seem to some. (IMO)

And i am not yet factoring in the append story in the "Sequel" on the DC4 consoles (or DC4FD pre-story in PC's) which steers the story end completely to the other direction. Last modified on 2021-06-03 at 07:34
#6 by lordstarfish
2021-06-03 at 09:10
< report >"I hope this doesn't come across to you of me as rude. "

...Well I could actually in hindsight say the same about my own comment. After posting it I did feel that maybe I was being overly salty.

I think the issue here might be more that we just disagree on what actually counts as a "Bad End" then. Unfortunately the tag definitions on here don't give any details at all, apparently assuming it to be self-evident. I still think it counts because it is still in every respect presented as a proper ending. It's not like... well actually I don't think I've actually played any games that have a mandatory tragic ending that you have to go through to get the good ending but I do know of a fairly famous example, that being Clannad... where afaik that mandatory tragic outcome is treated like a Game Over and the game just goes straight back to the title screen for it. Whereas here you do actually get the credits and an epilogue after, only that you can then much later go back and get a different ending. It is weird that this is the only route that does this though. In every other route, once the third opening plays the ending is already set in stone.


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