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#1 by stupidify
2021-06-04 at 21:00
< report >Hello There,
im New Here,
english is not my native language, so here it is

i want to include this tag ( I believe its OR because i want atleast one of them is matched )
+ Multiple Ending
+ Multiple Choice
+ Etc

and i want to exclude this tag ( I believe its AND because i want to exclude all this of tag )
- Harem
- No Sexual Content
- Etc

after reading the board a little bit, i found it you need to click "X Invert" to make it Exclude (the checkmark sign) ?

at first search its look like this
And → Language Orig language Platform Tags
and now i delete the language Ori language and platfrom so its like this
And → Tags

and now i click the plus button to add more tag field with one tag field is invert and another one isnt

And → Tags Tags

or i add AND/OR Field because i want all filter is match in exclude field but atleast on tags is matched in OR tags field , so its become like this

And → Tags
OR → Tags
but after i click search it goes back to

And → Tags Tags

Tldr, non of this work, if anyone can explain it,
i hope you all understand, thank you
#2 by stupidify
2021-06-08 at 22:12
< report >so. i tried again after learn it a lil bit
here is with screen shot
iin the picture, first tag field i click Invert cmiiw its exclude?
and i click mode for all cmiiw its for all the tag must matched?
and the other tag field is i pick mode for Any , cmiiw its one of them should matched
and i didnt click invert, so its mean included?

as you can see, the first search result is contain no-sexual-content which is i didnt looking for
and also multiple ending which is what im looking for

did i doit right or wrong?
if its how the new layout work, is there a way to go back to old layout?
thank you
#3 by mutsuki
2021-06-08 at 22:49
< report >You want this: link
Anything in the first tags list is 100% not going to turn up, and only things that match at least one of the second tags list will turn up.

The highest node thing is AND because you want it to both groups [not have any of the stuff you don't want] and [have some of the stuff you want] AT THE SAME TIME. The node for [not have any of the stuff you want] must be inverted and be ALL because that means ALL of these are in the black list. The node for [have some of the stuff you want] should be not inverted and should be set to ANY because ANY of these are okay to have, as long as AT LEAST ONE is met (this last bit is controlled with the AND tag at the top).

The only fly in the ointment as it were is that not all all ages VNs are marked with "no sexual content" for example so they aren't filtered. You can only filter what is actually tagged. It might make sense to have another group for [stuff that absolutely has to all be in] which would be the same as that first group, except not inverted. In there you can put sexual content as a tag which will probably be more useful. That one looks like this: linkLast modified on 2021-06-08 at 23:00
#4 by megido
2021-06-08 at 23:30
< report >#3 Actually, you seem to have misunderstood how the node works (I did too, honestly).
You see, if you set the mode for [the stuff you don't want] to all, it will only exclude games that are tagged with ALL the blacklisted tags.
As an example, on the first link you posted, you're trying to filter both all-ages and vns with harem endings. However, even though Umineko no Naku Koro ni Chiru is, in fact tagged with "No Sexual Content", it is does not have the "Harem Ending" tag, so it ends up slipping through your filters.
By changing the mode from "all" to "any" like I did here, it is thus successfuly filtered, as I have set it to exclude anything that have either of those tags.
Hope this made sense. I suck at explaining stuff.
#5 by stupidify
2021-06-09 at 15:44
< report >thank you all,
apparently, I misunderstood
i just need to put the stuff that i dont want it to mode ANY

so far so good
thanks again


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