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#1 by tegerus
2021-06-07 at 06:28
< report >I think most of use bare and bunny fans were hoping for another mother lover game but I also think a lot of us knew that a sister game was due. The sisters on the teaser look pretty motherly so I am very curious to see the premise behind the game. What are you guys wishing for?
#2 by mikiru
2021-06-07 at 16:56
< report >I am happy about any game from Atelier Kaguya (mostly from Bare & Bunny and HonkyTonk Pumpkin).
#3 by shigokare
2021-06-08 at 07:41
< report >I can't wait for it after we got some really nice Mother lover game with Mama Holic. Now we getting a really nice Sister love game.
#4 by shigokare
2021-06-08 at 08:24
< report >It looks like the two girls name are Imari and Rito but I can be wrongLast modified on 2021-06-08 at 08:25
#5 by ecchihieronymus
2021-06-08 at 09:01
< report >Name checks out.
#6 by shanks9x
2021-06-08 at 13:43
< report >The girls look like always fucking amazing and hot. Bless choco-chip.

I am totally into Rito (blonde hair one). Can't wait to find out which one is the sister or all of them and if there is a milf this time or not.

Hopefully the offical website comes soon... So curious about the characters
#7 by bobjr2000
2021-06-08 at 15:16
< report >I like the art, it looks a little different and brighter. But I am massively behind in series so can't wait to catch up.
#8 by pik3rob
2021-06-08 at 21:28
< report >Really looking forward to this one. Hoping there's at least one milf heroine, but generally this still keeps up with the theme of mature women that Bare & Bunny have. I'll be keeping an eye on Getchu since they tend to give out details on Atelier Kaguya games a few days before the site launches. Even gave the MamaxHolic trial a few days early too.
#9 by shanks9x
2021-06-08 at 21:43
< report >#8 oh, they really did? didn't know that. if possible could you post it there then, would be nice since I will probably forget to check getchu.

Still hoping that they will do another title with MCs mom someday. But so far, I am really looking forward to this title.
#10 by pik3rob
2021-06-08 at 23:32
< report >If they do I'll post it here.
#11 by green
2021-06-10 at 03:24
< report >Looking forward to this one, wonder if they'll all be BR or not.
#12 by shanks9x
2021-06-10 at 22:48
< report >my prediction:

1. All 3 are the Sisters
2. One Onee-chan, One Mother and One Friend
3. Two Onee-chans and One Mother or FriendLast modified on 2021-06-10 at 22:52
#13 by pik3rob
2021-06-11 at 09:03
< report >Hopefully all blood related instead of the typical step mom or older childhood friend as a way of copping out
#14 by shanks9x
2021-06-11 at 10:04
< report >Yea, hopefully they are all blood releated. One childhood friend or university friend seems okay, but I do want to have the sister(s) and mother (if there is one) be blood-related.
#15 by shigokare
2021-06-11 at 10:32
< report >I think it's gonna be like Nee-chan no Susume. The two main Character will be a blood related Sister and the Childhood Friend Onee Chan typ and then you have the side Charakter like the Girlfriend and maybe the Stepmother.
#16 by shanks9x
2021-06-11 at 10:49
< report >Yea, I think its going to be like Nee-chan no susme too. Though I rather hope there are at least 2 blood related sisters than 1.

Personally I would like, if there is a is a bloodrelated Mom and not a stepmom.
But we will see, informations should be out maybe next week.
#17 by nukihunter
2021-06-11 at 11:55
< report >I don't care if any of the heroine is a step mom or blood related,just hope no sudden H-scene like Bakuane 2 where it happen in 5-10 minutes play in the beginning.
#18 by shanks9x
2021-06-11 at 12:54
< report >I mean thats how the story was build in BakuAne 2.
Otherwise I agree, they shouldnt jump to it as soon as possible.
#19 by shigokare
2021-06-11 at 14:40
< report >I also hope for two blood related relevant. Two sisters or Mother and Sister. There is also a small chance we will get a young sister
#20 by pik3rob
2021-06-16 at 09:50
< report >Getchu page is up, though there's nothing on it at the moment besides stuff we already know or can infer. Might change pretty soon since it was just put up. link
#21 by shanks9x
2021-06-16 at 14:26
< report >Thy. Probably they will release the official website this week with all the informations about the story and characters.
#22 by shanks9x
2021-06-18 at 11:57
< report >Guess no information this week too and according to getchu pre-order starts at 25.06...
Another week to wait .... *shocked*Last modified on 2021-06-18 at 11:57
#23 by tegerus
2021-06-22 at 17:49
< report >This wait is killing me. I need more choco chip in my life.
#24 by neolance
2021-06-23 at 22:09
< report >I check every month and this is I waiting for a new game *()* even it's too late but this makes me feel hype after the E3 event lolLast modified on 2021-06-28 at 16:27
#25 by pik3rob
2021-06-24 at 04:56
< report >Atelier Kaguya Bare and Bunny wins E3