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#53 by pik3rob
2021-08-03 at 13:22
< report >I guess it was to be expected that most of the VAs are returning from previous games, but some of their voices are a bit too recognizable. Imari already looks a bit like Utako, so having her have the exact same voice as her is going to take a lot of getting used to. Rito has Mai's VA which honestly seems a bit too mature. She has a more energetic vibe going on with her design, so I'm not sure it entirely fits. I don't mind Yoshika since while she voiced Favunir in Mama Holic, I wasn't too invested in that character to begin with, so she sounds more fresh to me.

Good to see that the game has a Master Up now, which means a demo should come either this week or next week. Looking at all the CGs from the retailer rewards they don't really impress me much, but that's mostly because moreso than other releases the CGs are ones we've already seen, and only 3 have vaginal penetration as oppose to Mama Holic which had 6. This'll be much better in the final release though.
#54 by shanks9x
2021-08-03 at 15:41
< report >#53 u can find more CGs here: link

so far i really like Imaris and Yoshikas the most.
#55 by pik3rob
2021-08-03 at 17:12
< report >#54
Yeah, those are the ones I was referring to. Like I said, most of them are already on either Getchu or the Official Site, with only 3 of them actually having some sort of penetration.
#56 by pik3rob
2021-08-04 at 07:45
< report >HOLY SHIT!! Nenene Trial is up on Getchu.
#57 by pik3rob
2021-08-04 at 08:11
< report >Quick things I noticed is that there's a Harem stat now, meaning that my suspicions were probably correct in assuming that they're going to lean more into the Harem angle now for this game. I also notice that choices made are much more clearly shown what choices affect what stat before making them, which is incredibly convenient.
#58 by shanks9x
2021-08-04 at 10:13
< report >huh a real Harem route this time? Well, I hope its a long Harem route and not like the other title which had like 4 CGs (2 sex and 2 foreplay).

But since Nee Nee Nee has only 3 characters and not even subcharacters.... pretty highly its a long Harem route and not something short.Last modified on 2021-08-04 at 10:15
#59 by shigokare
2021-08-04 at 20:18
< report >If the demo don't work... You need to change the Folder name
#60 by tegerus
2021-08-05 at 07:14
< report >Praying we don't have to wait another whole year for another release.
#61 by pik3rob
2021-08-05 at 08:05
< report >We have to wait 10-11 months for every release anyway. That's the usual. Honestly kind of impressed that they're able to make them this fast to begin with considering how high quality the art is and how much of it there is.Last modified on 2021-08-05 at 08:07
#62 by shanks9x
2021-08-05 at 10:25
< report >Tbh it was more like 7-9 months till Mamagoto: link

Since then it takes them 10-11 months to release the next title, looking at Mama x Holic and Nee Nee Nee.
Their are many possible reasons why it takes them longer now.
2. Short on staff members (because of the pandemic)
3. Getting new ideas and trying to improve takes longer

Anyway, I hope the next title has MILFs again with momcest.
Started to read Baku Ane recently though.
#63 by tegerus
2021-08-12 at 08:36
< report >15 more days boys. link
#64 by pik3rob
2021-08-12 at 08:41
< report >Between this and Kurogane Kaikitan, this month is looking to be fantastic.
#65 by tegerus
2021-08-14 at 15:07
< report >It just hit me that this game is more along the lines of Shigokare more so than the others. I've never read Shigokare but if you compare the two you'll see a lot of similarities.
#66 by pik3rob
2021-08-27 at 06:11
< report >Full CG Set is out. Not as much Harem as expected, but other than that everything is up to the same quality as any other game by B&B. Really happy with Yoshika's CGs. Her pillow talk CG is god tier. Imari's is replaced with one of those taller CGs that you have to scroll through in game, and I've always disliked those CGs. Rito's is a bit too close for my taste, but Yoshika's is just right.
#67 by tegerus
2021-08-27 at 07:48
< report >Agreed that Yoshika has the best H-Scenes but we'll see whose has the best story. It looks like there is two routes for each girl similar to previous games.
#68 by shigokare
2021-11-22 at 20:52
< report >I always ask me why we got the Girls in nice Bikini on the Cover but we don't got any Beach scene
#69 by Mutsuki
2021-11-22 at 21:05
< report >#68, asking the important questions
#70 by shigokare
2021-11-23 at 18:50
< report >#69 what is the important question?Last modified on 2021-11-23 at 18:55
#71 by masturbator
2021-11-23 at 23:03
< report >i will quote another user to answer your question regarding the important question shigokare (#70)
why we got the Girls in nice Bikini on the Cover but we don't got any Beach scene
do the girls at least wear the bikinis in-game at some point (asking as i have not personally played this game yet)

side note grats on 69th thread post to mutsuki (#69)Last modified on 2021-11-23 at 23:03
#72 by shanks9x
2021-11-24 at 00:11
< report >i am hoping the next work has MCs mom as heroine.Last modified on 2021-11-24 at 00:23


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