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#1 by erogenie
2021-06-09 at 08:41
< report >ok,let's just say that I do like how they're implemented in the game,but that ain't enough..you see,all I could care about is that the minor characters are undoubtedly adorable (almost on par with Murasame Touko)and if only there's more to them than just being in a dialog box.
what I mentioned are the following
discretion advised,or use VPN to access the contents.
1. this oppai loli
2. this oppai loli too
3. this blond,slender loli
4. this slender loli
5. this little shota
now what are your opinions on these missed potentials? and why these characters didn't appear in Motto ?
I also added a voting session on who is your preference to spice up this discussion.

side note: I consulted with every global law enforcement agencies to severely diminish abuse..you know I HATE THAT JOKE VERY MUCH,as I assume it's a threat instead of you know,just to make a laugh out of it,it's never funny and always will be,especially at these difficult times where going outside isn't advisable 
#2 by erogenie
2021-06-09 at 17:16
< report >one more thing..fantasizing their "naughty" traits..
I know most of them but 2 have a scene,and yet,the results are dismal,not enough to do justice in the department (heh,political puns,a classic)
ok,here's something you might want to do,fill in the traits that made them "naughty" (this is based on your personal opinion,so don't fight over it) and here's how I imagine every one of their "naughties".
1. boobjob,blowjob,cunnilingus,group sex(I know I did see her in this twice,but barely)missionary,pink rotor,sitting,tominagi.
2. (this oppai loli is seen with a quickie,but I want something else) boobjob,blowjob,cowgirl,cunnilingus,group sex,hairjob,milking,pissing,seventh posture.
3. anal sex,armpit licking,armpit sex,blowjob,cunnilingus,erotic spanking,female ejaculation,group sex,lesbian sex,naizuri,pissing,sitting.
4. anilingus,armpit licking,armpit sex,blowjob,butterfly,erotic spanking,female ejaculation,fingering,group sex,missionary,naizuri,quickie,petplay,pissing,sitting,spit roast.
5. ummm....this is a boy,so if I wanted to put a BL in there,I could only think of this charming shota or this shota as a potential pair,given they might be taller,but having similar girth is all fine in the book. ok, "naughty" traits are ; anal sex,armpit sex,footjob,group sex,missionary,sitting,pissing,wake-up sex.
oh,that's a lot of pits,getting all moist just thinking about it.Last modified on 2021-06-10 at 06:21
#3 by erogenie
2021-06-11 at 04:44
< report >I'm sorry I have to do this,but...bump,I require opinions,any as you will.


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