Issue while playing

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#1 by kiizhi
2021-06-09 at 12:48
< report >I have this error and Idk if we can fix this now ? Someone knows ?

krmovie.dil / krflash.dll内でエラーが発生しました/ Cannot create window instance(Flash player ActiveX is not installed)Last modified on 2021-06-09 at 12:48
#2 by mutsuki
2021-06-09 at 13:40
< report >use an older version of windows. idk if you can even download flash player now though
#3 by draconyan
2021-06-09 at 14:34
< report >My workaround was extracting the script with krkrextract, remove the code that played the opening video and then repack it again.
#4 by kiizhi
2021-06-09 at 14:41
< report >Oh and I see need to try it then ;O


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