My Wishlist System

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#1 by thevisualnovel
2021-06-10 at 07:41
< report >I wish this site kept the singular "wishlist" tag, but whatever. It's probably better this way anyway. I'm just writing this for my own use to remember my system. And I'm hoping this post remains on my profile, I'm assuming this won't get posted publicly in the main forums or something. Sorry if it does.

The Tags
Wishlist - Low: VNs I'll play via The Asenheim Project website. Might use it for VNs I can only watch via LPs or something in the future, if it's ever needed.

Wishlist - Medium: Basic wishlisted VNs that are available in English and either bought or downloaded in some form. Will likely play in the future at some point, though some might be removed if I lose interest upon reflection.

Wishlist - High: VNs that are on consoles that I plan to play. I almost always have the ROMs downloaded and just don't want to forget that I have them downloaded.

Wishlist: The just "Wishlist" tag is for VNs that either aren't translated, don't have finished translations yet, or aren't released yet. I need to remember to re-check these in the future.
#2 by funnerific
2021-06-10 at 15:26
< report >Private threads like these are visible when clicking on "VN discussions" on the main page. Like here link

Just letting you know.
#3 by thevisualnovel
2021-06-11 at 15:00
< report >Ah, damn it. Thanks for letting me know.


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