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#1 by molitar
2021-06-12 at 21:46
< report >When I find a game I am interested in and click on the releases tab I have to manually click on columns like Animation to see the details. I would like to see a save option to save this layout the way I want it.
#2 by yorhel
2021-06-13 at 07:23
< report >The "releases" tab hasn't been maintained well and all information listed on that tab (and more) is displayed more compactly in the "releases" box on the main VN page. The only reason to prefer the tab now is that it has a platform filter, but that's a minor feature that I could also bring to the main VN page. Is there a another reason why you're still using that tab?
#3 by rampaa
2021-06-16 at 19:43
< report >
The only reason to prefer the tab now is that it has a platform filter
It also has the "notes" column, which I find very useful.
#4 by zakamutt
2021-06-21 at 23:30
< report >Hata was too cowardly to say this: If that tab is so useless, then why don't you remove it and replace it with localization credits instead? (・ω・)
#5 by fallenguru
2021-06-22 at 02:26
< report >@2, apologies in advance for being very direct. I mean no disrespect.

The releases box on the main page is not only missing the platform filter (and the language filter), but it also "explodes" multi-language releases, making it impossible to tell which languages a release actually supports.
As a side effect, you can no longer even see at a glance in which order the releases were released, to find the first one, you have to look at the first entry under each language and compare manually.
The releases tab is one click away, the box requires scrolling down.
For me, the information on the tab is much cleaner and easier to absorb, there's just too many icons bunched together in the box, and I have no idea what half of them are even supposed to depict/mean.

To be perfectly honest, I have been asking myself what the releases box is even good for, when we have the much nicer tab ... :-oLast modified on 2021-06-22 at 02:27
#6 by yorhel
2021-06-22 at 05:41
< report >
It also has the "notes" column
Notes are also included on the VN page, but you need to hover the icon to see them.

but it also "explodes" multi-language releases, making it impossible to tell which languages a release actually supports.
True, this is one of the downsides of the box :( I had a proposal for that, but it wasn't popular. Guess I do need to maintain two different views for different people...

I have no idea what half of them are even supposed to depict/mean.
That's a matter of hovering your mouse over them, after a few times you'll appreciate the information density. :)

Hata was too cowardly to say this
(I'm amazed how his Android browser managed to send an empty message to the server...) I'm also surprised he hasn't started his own VNDB clone yet, would've been much faster than waiting for me cuz I'm slow.
#7 by fallenguru
2021-06-22 at 11:59
< report >Hey, your site, your UX. I'll manage somehow. :-)

As long as you realise there's more than one perspective on this I'm happy. And just in case you're interested:

For me, DB interfaces aren't about displaying as much info as possible / info as densely as possible at all, quite the contrary: I want them to display as little info as possible, namely just the info I'm interested in at a particular moment.
Good UX is to be able to configure what it shows me with as fine a granularity and as easily and intuitively as possible (ideally without having to brush up on my SQL). Filters are the common go-to for this. Give me more filters (18+ comes to mind), and ways to combine them, not less. I'd like to be able to select multiple language flags, both AND (multi-language release with X languages) and OR (releases with any of X languages). Similarly, I'd like to exclude platforms I don't have, ...

My two use-cases are:

1) Gain a bibliographical(?) overview of the release history of a game. For that, a chronological listing in the tab is excellent. Maybe a graph, similar to the "relations" one, that shows how the releases are related (what's a port of what, what supersedes what, what has what content) would be even nicer, but I don't think the DB even has this info.

2) Find a particular release to buy, which currently goes like this:

a) find out original language [external]
b) filter releases by that language
c) find out if original release was 18+ [by looking at the first release, and/or external]
d) scan table for platforms, mentally make a note of relevant ones
e) filter for platforms in turn
f) manually (visually) filter out AA releases, if applicable [or "cheat" and ctrl-f for "18+" to highlight; couldn't do that with an icon]
g) prioritise multi-language releases
h) go for the most recent that remains, except if something in the comments says otherwise.

The releases tab could make that even easier, but in the releases box, all of these steps would have to be done by manual (visual) filtering, instead of having the DB do it for me.

Then, about the icons. I am not good recognising or remembering icons at the best of times, but on my high-dpi screens telling them apart, never mind hitting them with the mouse for the pop-up, requires a much higher zoom level than I usually use for text. The fact that different kinds of information (voiced-ness, animated-ness, ...), most of which I don't care about, are lumped together in one flat list, doesn't help either. If each category had its own column, like "platforms" does, that'd be a big improvement in my eyes.
Lastly, layout (that one's likely purely accidental). With the browser window at full width, in the tab, the comments column eats up most of the space, so the rest of the columns stay close enough together, and there are grid lines; in the box, the icons are right-justified, no grid lines -- I have to make the browser window narrower to see which list of icons goes with which release title.


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