'Denpa' should be renamed to 'Dempa'

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#26 by gambsgambs
2021-06-30 at 14:07
< report >#24 if you think about it hard enough, ふ is always pronounced with an h sound, never an f sound
#27 by adamstan
2021-06-30 at 14:22
< report >No, it's not. It's neither h nor f, but something in between.
#28 by gambsgambs
2021-07-01 at 00:28
< report >I am a trained linguist and I can confirm that it is an 'h' sound
#29 by essword
2021-07-02 at 03:41
< report >It's actually more of a "gẖ", with a "hmph". Emphasis on "p". Sometimes closer to a "fḥ" Never a "gḫ".
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