low availability of unofficial Chinese patch links

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#1 by yogaskung
2021-07-03 at 21:00
< report >A bunch of Chinese patches on vndb have very short time to live.

r57040, links to a baidu tieba thread, which is considered as where they release the patch, yet nowhere the download link to be found.

r59760, links to a www.9moe.com thread, the domain is dead,and its webpage archive indicates it's a registered-only forum. Seriously? Searching 9moe.com gives me the forum's name 绯月 ScarletMoon, it seems the new domain is fol.moe.edu.rs, and its software is different from former, so appending PATH /read.php?tid=729796&sf=b24 doesn't work. I removed the link at r59760.5.

r73337, links to a baidu tieba thread, deleted (404). I removed the link at r73337.3.

r67862, the link is live, emm good. Later it refers to a BaiduNetDisk (pan.baidu.com) share link.

Zip password:sakurasora

And it's registered-only.(There's always login page before you can download the file)
(what the heaven they assume one has a Baidu account?)

r43636, another pan.baidu.com link , before you can download the file, install what the heck they called 网盘客户端 after that, login your Baidu account.
There's always a banner hanging on before you can't download.
(Starting the NetDisk client, please wait...)

r41409, link registered-only. I removed the link at r41409.5.

r39733, baidu tieba dead link(404), even in webpage archive there's no download link, probably the link is auto-censored by Baidu. I removed the link at r39733.5.

r72969, registered-only
#2 by yogaskung
2021-07-03 at 21:06
< report >Should vndb give suggestions on submitting unofficial patches? Or it already has such policy I didn't notice?Last modified on 2021-07-03 at 21:06
#3 by lotuscale
2021-07-04 at 03:53
< report >Err, but some patches are only published on forums that require registration, and Baidu NetDisk is used frequently to share file in China, if you remove the official website then there's no first-hand access to it...Last modified on 2021-07-04 at 04:26
#4 by tomtheerogeman
2021-07-04 at 05:47
< report >It's not uncommon to see users here submit backup links and reuploads to free games, so I can't see why patch reuploads aren't allowed. I even found an example of this in the database, r80458 .

Also this is kind of an unrelated question, but does anyone reading this know why it is so hard just to get files from the Chinese internet?

I understand why it's impossible for foreigners to download from Baidu NetDisk (because the CCP likes the idea of no foreigners in the Chinese internet), but this extends beyond that. Like I found a rare PC copy of State of Emergency (crazy PS2 game), but I had to download shovelware just to be able to play it, or in OP's case stuff is hidden behind registration walls constantly, assuming it's still on the internet in the first place. I thought about learning Chinese in the past and the difficulty in obtaining stuff is one of the reasons why I've always stuck to Japanese instead.
#5 by ahboy99
2021-07-04 at 11:43
< report >not gonna lie tho,since baidu cloud drive were the 1st to aim some porn games inside,it's easily to take down without any reasons in it if someone to manage to hands on the patch into full game patch instead(patch+ full game)


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