the download site and story

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#1 by anaajimura
2021-07-05 at 22:21
< report >i'd like to know how find it, since the desc don't have the link
#2 by tonaki
2021-07-05 at 23:44
< report >I mean, a simple google search of the name and you can find it link, don't know what you mean by "and story"
#3 by anaajimura
2021-07-06 at 15:33
< report >i meant what happen in the story and its endings
#4 by tonaki
2021-07-06 at 17:41
< report >Oh, I haven't read it so I have no ideaLast modified on 2021-07-06 at 21:31
#5 by anaajimura
2021-07-06 at 21:50
< report >same here


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