About pople asking of ntr

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#1 by izazikel
2021-07-12 at 21:53
< report >SPOILERS AHEAD!!!!

As the thread title says, if seen not here but in many other places people commenting about the NTR, let me tell you that this thing doesnt have ntr, unless you give up in some of the girls at the very end of the game, there some rape of 3 girls, but they have nothing to do with the story and one that is llike the first girl you fuck in the game, but she's just a straight bitch looking for dicks basically, but the heroines like i said they do not participate in NTR,GANGBANG or Rape, that is up to you.
To be honest i loved the hentai of this one so i decided to look at it but i was afraid of ntr or rape of my girls, so i just went flyring through the game without even getting horny cuz i just wanted to see the ending LOL.
Great game!!!


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