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#1 by dadadum
2021-07-14 at 05:28
< report >Hey, Ur tastes are pretty similar to mine

I really liked Kinshin Kousai Kurabu and was wondering if you could recommend similar father/daughter or mother/son games where the opposite parent plays a role in the games or where the forbidden taboo is felt.
#2 by barfboy
2021-07-14 at 21:21
< report >The father/daughter games aren't as good in regards to taboo as the mother/son games which is sad, I prefer father/daughter. There's just some really fantastic mother/son taboo games out there and the father/daughter ones don't reach the same level.

Musume Shimai is my favorite. The father is an otaku and a pervert who's asked to take care of his daughters while his wife is away on business and uses the chance to have sex with them.

Also give Papa Doki! ~Papa ga Daisuki Dakedo, Kazoku Dakara Mondai Nai yo ne!~ a try. There's a lot of sneaking around trying not to be caught by his wife for the first part, she eventually finds out and the story takes a different turn though. It's perhaps the best of the 3 Papa Love series.

There's also Sweet Honey Family - Musume to Tsuma ni Amai wa Chichi no Narahi where he drugs his daughter with an experimental drug from work using scented candles. It has a similar effect of being drunk in order to try and make his daughter less cheeky and more honest. Of course it drugs himself and his wife too. You can choose the wife, the daughter, or both.

Bonyuu ga Shimideru Manamusume Manami "Otou-san, Watashi no Milk Takusan Shibotte Hoshii no..." and Toppatsusei Milk Musume Chika "Mou, Papa no Sei de Ippai Dechauu!" are rather more happy-go-lucky. The consequences and therefore the taboo is far less extreme. They're lighthearted and fun.

Oyako Kouryuu ~Kahanshin Kotoba de Communication~ is really dark. Guy rapes his daughter for running away and keeps raping her until she either learns to put up with it or runs away again.

Papa to Namaiki Musume no Saimin Soukan ~Tsuma ni wa Himitsu no Shitsukekata~ for a father who hypnotizes his daughter while his wife is on a business trip for 2 weeks. There's only 1 end where their relationship continues after his wife comes home. All others their relationship ends and she has no memory of the experience. Only 1 ending does she keep her memories.

Shinkon Seikatsu is good. In this one it's entirely the daughter pushing the relationship. Same with Daughter Fucker ~Papa wa Goshujin-sama~ while in Oyako Ai ~Ikenai Kozukuri 2~ the daughter overhears her father say he wishes he could make her pregnant and she is all too excited to oblige.

That should keep you going for a few weeks. If you want mother/son games give me a reply and I'll write another response.
#3 by dadadum
2021-07-18 at 16:38
< report >Yeah I agree, its hard to find good quality father/daughter games and it doesnt help that im not into lolis. Sweet Honey Family seems interesting and Ill try Papa Doki, i tried Oyaka Ai but didnt like the daughter.
Im starting Kuro Gyaru Musume to no In'yoku Soukan' and Oyako no Himitsu' , dont have high hopes but lets see. Its a shame that there arnt more f/d games that have a more mature daughter and a realistic scenario focusing on the taboo part of it.

Yeah sure recommend some mother/son games, I already have a few on my mind. I played the first 2 Anim mother&wife games, they have great artwork and are pretty hot but the scenarios are so boring and they accept sex so easily. I heard Mamagoto is amazing so Im saving it.
Currently I have Fukou na Kaa-san to Shiawase Love Love Seikatsu andOkaa-san to Koubi ~Tojikomerarete Futarikkiri Sekai ni Nattara Hoka ni Nani Suru?~ to play, the scenarios seem very interesting but the quality of the games seem pretty low. link, this one also seems interesting.

What do u think about these games and suggest me some others.Last modified on 2021-07-23 at 21:13
#4 by dadadum
2021-07-19 at 10:58
< report >Btw, I saw one of your post earlier about wanting a certain type of game. I think Fukou na Kaa-san to Shiawase Love Love Seikatsu is similiar to the 3rd game u mentioned.Last modified on 2021-07-22 at 19:40
#5 by dadadum
2021-08-18 at 00:53
< report >Yo, I'm playing Shinkon Seikatsu, apparently there are extra scenes in every route.
Any idea how to unlock them?
#6 by barfboy
2021-08-18 at 18:02
< report >You unlock all the scenes by doing the other routes. That's the best I can remember, it's been about 10 years. I do own the game though so maybe I can reinstall it but probably not just for a scene or two. I do remeber there's scenes where they all have sex together, not a harem ending but the robot brings them all together to have sex so they can learn technique from one another. I don't know what to call that.


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