Which release of Higurashi should I play?

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#1 by elen0766
2021-07-20 at 10:21
< report >Noticed there are many releases and I'm not sure which one is the best option.
#2 by vario
2021-07-21 at 05:26
< report >Just go for the Steam version r37233. You can also use the fan patch link if you want voices and/or sprites and CGs from console ports.
#3 by zap
2021-07-21 at 13:40
< report >Definitely use 7th mod. The steam release is so cut and censored I wouldn't give them my money. Sprites were redone in a worse style for some reason, music was cut, jokes censored. It doesn't even have the voices!Last modified on 2021-07-21 at 13:43
#4 by vario
2021-07-21 at 14:23
< report >
steam release is so cut and censored
What. It has no censorship at all. The only way to play a censored version is to use the fan patch and make it display the script from the console port.
#5 by zap
2021-07-21 at 14:27
< report >Literally one of the first scenes where Rena greets you going to school has her dick jokes toned down, does it?

Either way, don't throw good money after bad by paying for an incomplete release.
#6 by kei-tr
2021-07-21 at 14:53
< report >Yeah, I didn't started playing yet but I looked it up a bit, it seems your best bet is getting newer mangagamer releases and applying 07th-Mod's PS3-fication Mod to it. This way you can get voices as well as choose between different sprites, backgrounds among other stuff. One thing I don't know yet is if getting chapter 8 and 4 is enough, they contain all previous chapters as well or you have to own each of chapters? I guess its later? If its later, chapters after first one acts as patches or DLCs and you can access all of them from first game once you install all of them or they are all different applications/programs (hence they all share different save files, gallery etc.)?

There are 3 side stories as well. I don't think mangagamer ever handle them since they are console exclusive (no pc version) but fortunately they are included (ported) 07th-Mod's patch. I think there are total of 11-12 chapters in these 3 side stories and all of them but last one released at the moment, only last chapter remains. Last chapter's translation finished as well (link), so if you are interested in reading side stories as well I recommend waiting for couple of more weeks like me, if not you can jump in right now.

There are also 2 fandiscs. Unlike side stories they aren't part of main game exactly, so I guess that's why they aren't included in 07th-Mod. Mangagamer showed their interest in the past for translating them as well, but now its past 1 year since chapter 8 released and they are not even listed as TBA. Even if they picked up at some point getting them in our hands at least years away.

I think that's all. Feel free to correct me if I am mistaken about anything.Last modified on 2021-07-21 at 14:58
#7 by vario
2021-07-22 at 05:52
< report >I have no idea what the English translation does but the original Japanese script in the Steam version has descriptions of violent stuff and a ton of lewd jokes without any changes (unlike the console port because it's always funny to hear characters say something a bit different in their voiced lines).
#8 by shukumeiteki1
2021-07-22 at 07:52
< report >you should play this version for sure link
it restore the censored content of consoles (and some pc versions) adds many many stuff and you can change everything on the go, like original art style, change the language, voice acting, effects, etc.
It also adds the console chapters that are not available anywhere else.
#9 by kilicool64
2021-07-24 at 18:35
< report >@6 Referring to these things as side stories with chapters is not accurate in the slightest. What you actually seem to be referring to is that the first three of Higurashi's console releases all added new arcs of their own. They have VNDB entries here as well, but the descriptions of what they cover aren't accurate. Here's what it's actually like:

Matsuri: Adds Taraimawashi, Tsukiotoshi and Miotsukushi.
Kizuna: Adds Someutsushi, Kageboushi, a drastically edited version of Hirukowashi, Yoigoshi, and Kotohogushi, also heavily edits Miotsukushi.
Sui: Adds Hajisarashi, splits the Kizuna version of Miotsukushi into Miotsukushi Omote and Miotsukushi Ura.

MG doesn't have the license to translate them, so 07th Mod is taking care of that via r51427. The latest version covers everything except Kotohogushi and Hirukowashi.
#10 by kei-tr
2021-07-24 at 22:25
< report >@9

If you say so. As I said, I didn't started to reading yet so I don't really know. Matsuri, Kizuna and Sui are listed as side stories in vndb so I called them side stories, and instead of word of arc I used chapter but of course I meant same thing.

I compared names of arcs in descriptions of side stories (Matsuri, Kizuna and Sui) at vndb with link , there was one extra arc in 07th Mod's site and that was "Connecting Fragments" arc. So, I don't think I said anything to contradicts what you said to begin with?

Though there is one thing you said seems to be different from what I gathered is arc of Hirukowashi. It isn't listed as arc of Kizuna in vndb, and according to link its actually part of fandisc Rei?Last modified on 2021-07-24 at 22:25
#11 by thereservoir
2021-07-25 at 00:21
< report >Does all of this censorship stuff happen on the Japanese Switch port that I just purchased?
#12 by shukumeiteki1
2021-07-25 at 01:25
< report >@11
They don't say which translation are using but they do state that they are using machine translation on some parts...my recommendation is to avoid it, there is no reason to play the switch version when you have a better one on PC.
Also, how did you buy it when it's a free fan made mod?

EDIT: so they are using the 07th-mod translation, so no, it shouldn't be censored.Last modified on 2021-07-25 at 01:27
#13 by thereservoir
2021-07-25 at 02:38
< report >@12 I bought a physical Switch game from Playasia last night. r56130 I think.

What I'm worried about after reading this thread is what @7 is talking about
the original Japanese script in the Steam version has descriptions of violent stuff and a ton of lewd jokes without any changes (unlike the console port because it's always funny to hear characters say something a bit different in their voiced lines).
#14 by vario
2021-07-25 at 03:30
< report >I doubt there was a console port with less censorship (it's not worth it because they need to record a lot of lines again) so yeah, you'll miss a bunch of stuff like descriptions of violence (they even censored parts like words referring to child abuse in EP3), stories about Japan crimes during WW2 or lewd jokes. Not really important to understand the story though.
#15 by shukumeiteki1
2021-07-25 at 05:31
< report >Well the 07th Mod restores that content, you can tell because those lines are not voiced (like in the beginning when mion and keiichi are joking about his dick) and the switch port uses the 07th Mod so it shouldnt be censored.
#16 by kilicool64
2021-07-25 at 13:17
< report >All of the console ports have lots of censorship. It actually gets pretty bad at times, especially in Minagoroshi and parts of Matsuribayashi, where entire scenes got the axe. I believe it got even worse after the PS2 version. I wouldn't recommend reading those. The PC arcs are best experienced with 07th Mod's patches, which allow you to revert the censorship.

I don't know where @15 got the idea that 07th Mod worked on the official Switch port, but that's obviously not the case. It's just as heavily censored as the other console ports.

As for @10's confusion regarding the connecting fragments, those are additional fragments added in Kizuna. Not really an official new arc, but still noteworthy.

The VNDB descriptions are partially incorrect because they falsely claim that Miotsukushi Omote was added in Sui. It wasn't. That's where it and Miotsukushi Ura got their current names, but their content is all from Matsuri and Kizuna. The only new arc in Sui is Hajisarashi. I actually complained about this a while ago, but the resulting discussion seems to have gone nowhere.
#17 by vario
2021-07-25 at 13:21
< report >I think #15 is talking about the unofficial port of the translation for Switch.
#18 by kilicool64
2021-07-25 at 13:24
< report >Even then, their claim is still wrong. That version currently retains most of the censorship. I wouldn't recommend using it in its current state because it machine translates any console-exclusive lines not covered by 07th Mod.Last modified on 2021-07-25 at 13:24
#19 by shukumeiteki1
2021-07-25 at 22:24
< report >I'm talking about this link , which does not contain any censorship since it's based on the 07th mod (they are basically porting that pc mod to the switch) I missed the Japanese switch version, that one is probably censored, can't confirm it since i never played it but most probably that's the case.
#20 by kilicool64
2021-07-26 at 10:19
< report >It does in fact contain censorship. I literally asked the creator about it on 07th Mod's discord. Here's a quote:

Kilicool64 — 07/18/2021
It would certainly be interesting to be able to read the actual Switch version in English (especially since it doesn't look like we'll ever get the full common route here). But unless you have the ability to do something about all the censorship it received, I don't think I could ever really recommend it over this version.
MasaGratoR — 07/18/2021
Well, technically it's possible to do something with it, but this sounds like another months of work and I'm not that passionate about censorship in this game except for 2 scenes (in Meakashi and Tatarigoroshi) and maybe one in Tsumihoroboshi, so I won't work on it.


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