Regarding r80928.4

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#1 by nova3
2021-07-20 at 12:38
< report >I should have specified it but I noted this entry as requested for deletion but in fact this entry is in excess because I thought that the PSP patch was not on vndb. As it is, my entry contains either information already present or false.
#2 by beliar
2021-07-20 at 13:35
< report >Oh, you mean it's a duplicate of r51238. You should have said that in the first place, either by posting in t2108 or by making a report for the entry. Editing the entry in the way you did is not a proper way to ask for deletion.
#3 by nova3
2021-07-20 at 19:47
< report >All right, sorry for the inconvenience.


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