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#1 by tester
2021-07-20 at 15:59
< report >After some time tampering with SLG System engine, I did create a tool to work with it's scripts. And not just simple string editor, no.

SLGSystemScriptTool is dual languaged GUI tool for (de)compiling and (de/en)crypting (with key finding) scripts of SLG System engine. Supports all known versions of SLG System: 0, 1, 2, 3 (3.0, 3.1), 4 (4.0, 4.1), but may lack of support of some it's variations. With this tool you can: decompile and compile script of SLG System, (en/de)crypt script of any game on SLG System, find key of any game on SLG System via cryptoattack.

Link for the tool:
Built release (for x64 and x32):

Why SLG System is so noteworthy? Legendary series Sengoku Hime and Sangoku Hime (PC version) does use this engine (well, Sengoku Hime 7 and probably Sangoku Hime 5 does use Unity, but pay it no mind).

Now with SLGSystemDataTool and some HEX-editing of supplement data files it is possible to translate whose game series.
#2 by tester
2021-07-20 at 16:00
< report >Also, in case of anyone interested. I have extracted and decrypted main scripts (compiled) of Sengoku Hime 1-6 and Shihen 69.

I have temporary uploaded them here (not available anymore).Last modified on 2021-07-20 at 18:52
#3 by mutsuki
2021-07-20 at 18:29
< report >doesn't that count as piracy? you're distributing files from a paid piece of software without their permission.
#4 by tester
2021-07-20 at 18:35
< report >Hmmm... Well, it isn't the game itself or something like this. Just a testing files. Also part of them are different from the original files, since I have decrypted them.

Okay, deleting them for now. But they actually were only scripts.Last modified on 2021-07-20 at 18:39


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