This one is going to be interesting

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#1 by tegerus
2021-07-20 at 18:32
< report >This will be the first HonkyTonk work that doesn't involve yoppy's art in a good while. Very interested to see how the animated scenes are going to play out with the artist of Astronauts: Comet's games. Tainone is a very underrated artist in my opinion so I'm actually looking forward to this one.
#2 by kratoscar2008
2021-07-20 at 18:59
< report >The coloring looks different for sure.
Wonder how many heroines will there be.
As its a new artist im hoping for at least 4.
#3 by lolifoxie
2021-07-20 at 19:02
< report >#2 Check this link
#4 by kratoscar2008
2021-07-20 at 21:46
< report >Thanks.
Only 3 huh.
Its interesting that its an all foreigner heroines.
Also the character designs look very similar to the previous game, so if you hadnt told me I would think its the same artist.
#5 by green
2021-07-23 at 03:50
< report >Sad that it's not yoppy, but I really like Tainone's art. Looking forward to this one.
#6 by niyari
2021-08-13 at 19:26
< report >I really started to like yoppy's art about 2-3 titles back so I thought I was going to miss it. Judging from the character designs and sample CG though, it's pretty clear the staff are just godlike


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