Things that should have been done differently

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#1 by mummykun
2021-07-22 at 00:16
< report >I decided to make a thread whose purpose is for people to list the plot holes that they noticed or parts of the story that just weren't well written.

As for myself, I found Asougi's death very stupid for a character who was supposed to be so important, with probably the best theme song of the entire series. He died because he fell after being pushed by a girl? Really? I was expecting that before the end of the game it would be revealed that he was actually alive but feigned his death because of a special reason, but no; it didn't happen. And I was at least hoping that ultimately it would have been found out that the culprit of his death was really the very suspicious guy who had a snake entangled on his body, but no; He really died just because of the way how he fell down.
And I didn't like how they decided to tell the Russian girl that Asogi was just going to talk to Naruhodou who was in the closet instead of disclosing the fact that she had infiltrated in the ship to some authority. I think it was unnecessary to make her carry even more weight by letting her know that she killed a man for nothing. I believe that it would have been more mature for Naruhodou to keep the truth to himself.

I found it ridiculous how in the fourth case a woman really died because of a knife that hit the window and then fell on her. I was hoping that the true criminal would somehow appear, and that the case wouldn't end in such a simple way. So I think the writer was lazy here.

And in Milverton's case, I don't understand why the decisive evidence against Milverton was the fact that Milverton had made a deal with Gregson to get enough information to give a false testimony of the girl killing the shop owner. Wasn't the fact that he had given the false testimony, which he had already acknowledged, a much stronger evidence that he was the criminal? Why was it relevant to know the means through which he got the information about the coat with blood and the opening on the door? If Milverton kept insisting that he was not the criminal even after acknowledging that he gave a false testimony, I don't see what kept him from keeping insisting that he was innocent and that there wasn't a definite proof that he was the criminal also after it was revealed that it was Gregson who gave him the information.
From what I could perceive, it was really only Gregson who had something to lose by allowing it to be found out that they had made a deal to exchange information with the disk, whereas it should be quite irrelevant for Milverton.

To make it clear, I loved the game and I'm giving it a 10, but these are just a few bad details that I noticed in it.


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