Top 10 resolution of Windows JVN per year

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#1 by eacil
2021-07-22 at 09:29
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Like nobody uses I thought maybe some people would like to know I made this graphic showing you the resolutions per year. I used only the top 10 and aggregated the rest in 3 categories (and left the unknown and old non standard resolutions alone). It concerns only Japanese VN (might probably be interesting to compare with non JVN) where the first release is on Windows. When the VN was released at the same time on multiple platforms, the VN might have not been taken into account.
If a SQL wizard wants to check my query, they are welcome.

Yes, professional VN are still made in 800x600 in 2021, but fear not, Appetite at least stopped this very year.
Anyway, you can see how the standard shifted from 640x480 > 800x600 > 1024x768 slash 1280x720. I thought it was pretty interesting.

(The real reason for posting that is that I am trying to do like I totally not wasted my time doing this thing just to prove someone they were wrong in complaining that a JVN from 2009 was in 800x600. >.>)Last modified on 2021-07-22 at 09:31


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