is there a fast way to export all staff name?

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#1 by hj0353
2021-07-27 at 06:40
< report >it follow by Number of works
i need a illustrator name list
#2 by r-2
2021-07-28 at 04:19
< report >I wrote a SQL query here: link
(You should be able to export the list by using one of the buttons near the bottom right.)

It only shows staff that are credited with either "Artist" or "Character design". Here's the current top 5.

- Sai Gakai: 130 VNs
- Kawai Masaki: 92 VNs
- Yamamoto Kazue: 90 VNs
- Yoshida Seiji: 74 VNs
- Sano Toshihide: 71 VNs


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