Thoughts on Yuzusoft doing an all game?

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#26 by phantomjs
2021-07-31 at 10:59
< report >Isn't this title by their (newly created?) sub-brand? You guys are seriously overreacting. You guys make it sound like the main branch is going Key's route (They are not, right?)
#27 by butterflygrrl
2021-07-31 at 13:09
< report >#23

ideally yes, but a lot of games don't state that kind of age rating, and therefore when a VN comes out labeled "All Ages Version" people will add it to VNDB and set it to the 'All Ages' setting which was meant to be for kids.
#28 by haihai555
2021-07-31 at 13:12
< report >I mean, its 2 year of waiting, and only worth less than 10 hours of content is quite, disappointing. (Though R18 is one of the issue too.)
#29 by markan999
2021-07-31 at 17:00
< report >I'm reading it and the plot is far better for Yuzusoft standars, even if it doesn't have ero its pretty enjoyable.
#30 by lolimfat7
2021-07-31 at 17:40
< report >#29 I see, thanks for telling. Now i have more hope for this VN.
#31 by markan999
2021-07-31 at 17:50
< report >#30 Dont expect anything like Key novels but is not that bad like people is saying, most of them are haters for the all-aged thing.
#32 by animenger
2021-08-01 at 17:21
< report >I personally support all ages things and love not having 18+ scenes forced into every piece of media. Fact is that VNs are a medium for entertainment just like a show or a comic so there's no reason why they should all have the exact same stuff.Last modified on 2021-08-01 at 20:10
#33 by aresia
2021-08-01 at 18:54
< report >Well, you see, I'm not playing VNs, I'm playing eroges, which was *ahem* what Yuzusoft specialized in. Of course I'm going to complain if my favorite bar starting to turn into family friendly chain restaurant.
#34 by butterflygrrl
2021-08-01 at 19:36
< report >on the other hand, do you care if your favorite bar is selling burgers out the back window while still serving drinks up front?
#35 by aresia
2021-08-01 at 19:53
< report >Say what you will, they still use Yuzu's manpower to produce this. Is this really one-time only filler vn? Who knows?
#36 by lolifoxie
2021-08-01 at 19:59
< report >>still serving drinks up front
But much more slower, because they use their main resources on side (all core staff)

Enjoy your 3 years span between 18+ games now, lol.
#37 by hotundeadaction
2021-08-01 at 20:48
< report >They may not have been willing to invest more money into h-cg's and voice acting, anticipating lower than usual sales. The amount of people during the livestream asking "エロ?," and "h?" was immense. I'd assume Yuzusoft knows their strengths and wouldn't turn away from eroge, unless they get a new writer or their current one to start writing more compelling scenarios. If they do, maybe you should start getting worried. I don't think Yuzu games can stand as they are without ero unlike Aquaplus, Type Moon, Key, Laplacian, age, and others have done as the plots simply aren't as interesting.Last modified on 2021-08-01 at 20:56
#38 by mrkew
2021-08-01 at 21:06
< report >
They may not have been willing to invest more money into h-cg's and voice acting
Lol they got Touyama NaoLast modified on 2021-08-01 at 21:06
#39 by kells
2021-08-04 at 07:14
< report >I think it's really neat that they are doing all ages. I really hope that it goes well, I could see them putting out smaller all ages vns more frequently in-between the standard Yuzusoft brand releases.
#40 by moyang
2021-08-04 at 11:58
< report >Looks like it's doing quite well, becoming the bestselling game in last 30 days(And 13th selling game of all time) on dlsite.Last modified on 2021-08-04 at 13:51
#41 by lolimfat7
2021-08-04 at 12:12
< report >#40 ay that's really great to hear! I thought that the lack of "h scenes" would make it a flop (after seeing what happened during the live) but hearing that made me glad.
#42 by cubky
2021-08-04 at 13:43
< report >Doubt, considering that ranking is for the section the game is in (all ages), so there isn't really any competition.

When you actually include 18+ works, its currently the 720th best selling game. And that's not even including all the doujinge dlsite mostly sells.Last modified on 2021-08-04 at 19:38
#43 by animenger
2021-08-04 at 19:13
< report >You love to see it!
#44 by aresia
2021-08-04 at 19:19
< report >I don't care if it's the most delicious milkshake in the world, I'm still waiting for my beer.
#45 by animenger
2021-08-04 at 20:48
< report >Well for a situation like this let's use the bar analogy from before. Any given place worth their salt, bar or otherwise, doesn't just cater to one customer or even just one type of customer 😏
#46 by arlez13
2021-08-05 at 02:25
< report >#45 heh, based on what you have said, isn't it better to just make an 18+ game, because you can just skip the H-scenes if you want, the game is not forcing you to read it.
#47 by lolifoxie
2021-08-05 at 02:59
< report >#40
>And 13th selling game of all time
Don't let yourself be fooled by marketing tricks, that's not how it works

edit: btw if you look closely, you can see both games from pic are also best selling games in last 30 days. And you can find out that these are for different periods of time only by looking at the detailsLast modified on 2021-08-05 at 03:33
#48 by clorust
2021-08-30 at 02:58
< report >A company that has a history of making 18+ releases making an all-ages release isn't a good omen for their future releases (or business practices). I'd love to believe this is just some experimental project or side-branch, but it's almost always representative of the developer trying to depart from 18+ territory.
#49 by animenger
2021-08-30 at 06:22
< report >I mean you can take solace in the fact that it's literally listed as a side branch then lmao like it's right there
#50 by literallolicon
2021-08-30 at 07:40
< report >wow... it's rare to see Yuzusoft having confidence in their plot, rather than the characters.Last modified on 2021-08-30 at 07:41