Question on spoilers via voice seiyuu & their role

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#26 by cubky
2021-09-09 at 09:05
< report >Wonder if there is at least a single person agreeing with this rude guy whether this is a spoiler. So far, I didnt see a single soul...
#27 by rude
2021-09-09 at 09:21
< report >There is if you read the revision notes. Bellar also understood my reasoning too. link

It's you guys who don't care about folks like me, the guy in the revision notes, and so forth who want to minimize being spoiled as much as possible which includes seiyuu roles which in this case she's voicing TWO! And their for the only two female leads in the game... smh.

Saying "her name is being promoted by the company" is like a big duh because of course they are! It's their first all-age game. They even allowed a big name vtuber to stream it live before the release.

I mean use your heads and stop being selfish and see it from our point of view.Last modified on 2021-09-09 at 10:26
#28 by adamstan
2021-09-09 at 11:19
< report >As others have already pointed out - it's virtually impossible to avoid that "spoiler", unless you're going to pirate the game without reading anything about it. And you'd also have to skip opening movie, since it also states openly voice actors for characters.

So, in case of **this game (Parquet)** hiding VA info makes no sense, since it's everywhere in the promotional material and on store pages.

@beliar's comment you're linking to was meant in general sense - because there are games, where this information is indeed kept secret by the devs - because they consider it a spoiler. But that's not the Parquet's case.
#29 by cubky
2021-09-09 at 11:23
< report >Pretty sure everyone in here cares about people that do not want to get spoiled. But that is not the problem. The problem here is, that nobody in this discussion so far (except for you) thinks revealing the VA for the character is actually a spoiler.
The VA for both characters is listed on steam, dlsite, and even the official site for the game (here and here).
If Yuzusoft used "???" or something here, so you do not know what VA is voicing the second char, then sure, a spoiler tagged description would be appropriate. But right now it very much looks like they made a conscious decision to "spoil" you.
#30 by rude
2021-09-09 at 11:59
< report >#28 You're not bellar to speak for him/her. Why tell us how you do things and presume others follow suit? As that's certaintly not the case for me. I've gotten plenty of games with minimum information such as Final Fantasy Pixel.

This site has placed spoiler tags despite the companies actions. This'll be no different and further she's still being promoted. You need her to get double dipped or something? Her name is very well known. If you can't see how her name being displayed twice for both female leads is a spoiler nothing I say will sway as you're not the intended audience I am trying to prevent from being spoiled.


#29 You can stop with the act that you care about folks being spoiled as you're blatantly ignoring what I say plus as I've already mentioned it more than once I am not the only one. link He or she also contributed on this thread link

All you have is the company's intent and refuse to see how having two female leads be voiced by the same actress is a spoiler to the game as they are presented as being different. I mean anybody can see how drastically different they look.

Some of y'all don't even got the game yet running your mouths. Its you folks who are faking the funk blatantly ignoring the concern of those of us who try to minimize information as even there can become spoilers to us. And saying "you're the only one whose saying this" doesn't advocate you to ignore me just because I'm being vocal about it.

And no, you can put your arrogance back in your pocket as the mod informed me that they locked it because he/she doesn't know much about the game and by my observation he/she went with the default.Last modified on 2021-09-09 at 12:02
#31 by beliar
2021-09-09 at 15:20
< report >
You're not bellar to speak for him/her.

Neither are you, as far as I'm aware. That was a general statement regarding the spoilers. Saying I agree with you in this case takes things out of context.

Let's examine the game:

1. It's not uncommon for the same VA to voice multiple characters in a single novel. It's usually associated with lower budget affairs, but I've also seen it in some more expensive works.
2. The devs are not shy about promoting the VA as having voiced both characters.
3.There are only two main female characters in the game. Attaching a VA to one of them, but leaving the other blank with a visible "spoilers be here" note in the description is a huge red flag. Imho, I believe that was a developer's reasoning too. Promoting a VA of one character and intentionally hiding another is so sus, that they rather chose to not hide the VA connection at all, which might lull people out of suspicion by how blatant the promotion is.
4. The above could be circumvented by the VA inventing a new alias for herself in regards to the spoilerous character (such cases are rare, but not unheard of), but mayhap she was unwilling to go that far (or wasn't paid enough) in this case.

My conclusion: It's imho a larger spoiler to hide a VA, especially in a VN with so few characters, which immediately triggers the suspicion in the readers. Not hiding a VA is slightly less spoilerous, as it can be handwaved away as "It's an experimental all-ages VN. They probably didn't spend a huge amount of money on it, so it makes sense they hired a single VA". It's a bit of a double-edged sword, as some people may be dissatisfied with one or the other treatment, but considering how hard it's to avoid the mention of this particular VA, I believe it's a moot point to try and hide her. In fact, your edit war probably spoilered more people than if you left the situation alone....
#32 by moyang
2021-09-09 at 17:46
< report >At least yorhel locked the entry so this edit war can stop.

I was going to add something to this discussion but others already made good points. I'll just give some examples of one VA voicing multiple roles:

Piano no Mori no Mankai no Shita - Have only 2 main characters(Kamimori Sakuno, Konohana) and both characters are voiced by same VA. Konohana is one possible future for Sakuno. One ending shows grown-up Sakuno looks just like Konohana.

Tsukikage no Simulacre - 2 main characters(Kisaragi Rei, Kisaragi Kurenai) have same VA. Those two have a nearly identical faces and that's the part of the mystery in the early part of the game. And devs wrote about this on their official site's character page. Those two are just lookalikes, Kurenai was made to look like Rei's ancestor's daughter.

And there's Parquet we are talking. All those games handle the same VA thing differently - having same VA implies some tie between two characters, but there's many possibilities for the tie. I don't see how 'same VA' thing could be a spoiler by itself.

And rude, you really should stop being rude calling other people liars or stupid, and take your time to think about their arguments. If you don't agree, make your own and persuade people here - but so far you haven't come up with a compelling one.Last modified on 2021-09-09 at 17:57
#33 by adamstan
2021-09-09 at 18:22
< report >I'll add another example, when one VA voices THREE characters - Little Busters!
Tamiyasu Tomoe voices Natsume Rin, but also Naoe Riki and Sasasasasami. And it's not a spoiler - it's nice easter egg at most.Last modified on 2021-09-09 at 18:23
#34 by rude
2021-09-16 at 19:21
< report >#31
Neither are you, as far as I'm aware. That was a general statement regarding the spoilers. Saying I agree with you in this case takes things out of context.

Now where exactly did I wrote such a thing in the first place? wth. I wrote that you understood what I was saying hence why you wrote what you wrote and why I took action I did. Very simple. It's folks who just edited the shit by inserting her name and ignoring this thread but yall wanna make me like I'm the one at fault for suppose "edit war". Give me a f'n break.

In fact, your edit war probably spoilered more people than if you left the situation alone....
It's not a fact. Prove that claim before asserting such things.

And please save the "small cast" excuse. That shouldn't matter at all.

Here's a question, the sites often times include screenshots some being sexual explicit and positions. Why hide it behind a "show sexual trait" button since it's public and all. Forget it. I don't care for an answer anymore.

#32 Why would I stop if that's exactly what the person did? Lying. I have low tolerance for liars. And calling someone stupid just means being ignorant or doesn't know. It's not my problem folks don't know what words mean and making up their own definitions and deluding themselves into the belief they've been insulted.

I get your intentions with the example and they were good examples with the exception of Little Busters. Here's a counter to your examples. Archer of the Fate series. It's the same as the characters here sharing one body but voiced by two different people. It gives the allusion they are separate. So when a game comes and follows the same line having two characters by one seiyuu its a spoiler to me. Your examples can very if someone is seeking that information in regards to the seiyuu's or not.

If you don't agree, make your own and persuade people here - but so far you haven't come up with a compelling one.

I've already done such a thing in my first post dude. Bellar made a post understanding what I wrote in post 5. Which is why you're writing that I made no compelling argument when I have. I'm not gonna repeat myself as the consensus has been that nobody has actually read what I wrote outside of seiyuu's name being ommited. Folks like me will just have to do our best to not be spoiled.Last modified on 2021-09-16 at 19:27


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