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#1 by mikogami
2021-08-01 at 08:41
< report >I can´t hook the game with textractor, someone has a code for this please?
#2 by kenjifire1
2021-08-01 at 12:57
< report >Tried it with the latest version of Textractor and I was able to hook it, just have to find the right one.
#3 by mishimatsu
2021-08-20 at 21:49
< report >Can confirm that Textactor can't find right hook it seem all hook that it can find are not complete dialogs.
#4 by kenjifire1
2021-08-22 at 08:18
< report >Been playing the game for one week now. It has some quirks with Textactor due to the game engine. But I was able to consistently hook everything. It simple involves advancing the dialogue and choosing WAFFLE2 process.

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