What's the procedure for in-development sequels

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#1 by adurnanagra
2021-08-01 at 23:25
< report >I think it's worth noting that there are mods coming out for this, but that there's also two sequels coming out for this game: one of them being official.
#2 by butterflygrrl
2021-08-02 at 01:41
< report >you mean, like, when should they be added?

my personal criteria for adding upcoming games would look something like:
- is there a website for it?
- if not, is there at least an official public announcement with a title? ("we're working on a sequel" wouldn't count, but "The sequel, Balloon Pants, is now in production" would)
- has any art been made visible?
- has any release target been mentioned?
- how reliable is the track record of the developers?

I wouldn't add a page for a WIP from a lot of amateur game forums even if they have a name and some art, because their odds of actually completing and releasing the game aren't high. But if I saw someone who's released a game before and now they're saying 'New game coming out in November, here's the name, here's the webpage', then sure, I'd add that.
#3 by historyeraser
2021-08-02 at 01:51
< report >#2 Yeah that sounds good. That should be official
#4 by beliar
2021-08-02 at 09:24
< report >That depends if the dev has already published something prior to this. If you are talking about an official sequel to an existing game, than the announcement is enough to add the entry.

If a game is from an untested dev that has never released anything before, we would like something more substantial. A demo/partial would be ideal, due to the prevalence of vaporware in the OELVN market. That said, the vaporware got somewhat lessened in the days after the ascension of Patreon, and frequently even if the game dies, the dev releases at least a few partials before going MIA.


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