Differing average rating scores?

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#1 by NowItsAngeTime
2021-08-03 at 06:00
< report >So I noticed that on the "Browse visual novels' page:

The average rating score for a visual novel is a bit different from the one if you were to check the average score on the VN page.

Sometimes it's as small as a .02 difference (eg Steins;Gate), sometimes it can be as high as .21 different (e.g. Musicus)

The number of votes counted is slightly smaller on the Browse visual novel page (usually 3-5), but shouldn't enough to swing things by that much.

What explains this discrepancy?
#2 by yorhel
2021-08-03 at 06:05
< report >The rating column is a bayesian average, i.e. the more votes the VN has, the closer the number will be to its actual average. This ensures that a VN with a single 10 vote will not have a 10 rating.

You can also enable the actual average vote column in the listing.

EDIT: Oh, and all the numbers in the listing are cached, so it may be up to 24 hours out of date.Last modified on 2021-08-03 at 06:09


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