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A VN Play Time Voting Thing

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#1 by Yorhel
2021-08-03 at 17:00
< report >Since, well, forever, we've had a visual novel "length" field with five coarse-grained options to choose from. As it's impossible to objectively (and usefully) determine a visual novel's play time, this field has always been imprecise and subject to edit wars.

As a hopefully more useful alternative, I've now implemented play time voting. Users can submit the time they spent reading a visual novel and these submissions are aggregated into a visual novel's length.

You can grab your play times from Steam, GOG Galaxy or using tools such as Gameplay Time Tracker. But exact measurements are not required, rough estimates are accepted, too.

(To be perfectly honest, I expect this feature to be rather useless except for the top 50 most popular VNs, as we likely won't get enough votes for anything else. But I love to be proven wrong. :)

Happy measuring!
#2 by Mrkew
2021-08-03 at 17:09
< report >Very cool
#3 by shishio
2021-08-03 at 17:23
< report >Nice. Will also there be a column for play time in our list?
#4 by Yorhel
2021-08-03 at 17:25
< report >
Will also there be a column for play time in our list?
That's the plan, but that may take a bit longer as I have other changes planned to the lists feature too (integration with the advanced search, more display options, etc).
#5 by Ernovace
2021-08-03 at 17:30
< report >Cannot vote for VNs where I took less than 1 hour to complete.
#6 by historyeraser
2021-08-03 at 17:34
< report >This is kino.

Yorhel, you fucking rule!
#7 by Yorhel
2021-08-03 at 17:38
< report >
Cannot vote for VNs where I took less than 1 hour to complete.
Oops, fixed.
#8 by historyeraser
2021-08-03 at 17:38
< report >Can you unlock the G-senjou no Maou page now? There's some info I need to add.Last modified on 2021-08-03 at 17:41
#9 by 4digitmen
2021-08-03 at 17:40
< report >I recommend ManicTime.
#10 by vario
2021-08-03 at 17:40
< report >This is a great update.

Maybe I'm blind but I don't see a way to see a release other people were voting on. Because of this I don't know if they read a translation or not.
#11 by aexis
2021-08-03 at 17:46
< report >Awesome update, I have been waiting for something like this for years.

Just a minor nitpick, I consider myself a slow reader but not cause of language comprehension but because I listen to all the voices, so picking slow feels a bit demeaning.
#12 by Yorhel
2021-08-03 at 17:49
< report >
I don't see a way to see a release other people were voting on
Yeah, I forgot that column. Will be adding that later. I'll also see if I can improve the aggregation to be a bit more useful, perhaps separating by play speed.

I listen to all the voices,
You can mark that as "normal".
#13 by aexis
2021-08-03 at 17:55
< report >Ah okay, thanks for the clarification.

So I assume the slow option is for people learning the language, might be worth putting something on the normal option description saying that listening to all the voices count as normal, cause I can see someone else having the same confusion.
#14 by npzmzfg
2021-08-03 at 18:02
< report >Fantastic news! Thank you very much for adding this
#15 by ezumin
2021-08-03 at 18:10
< report >great feature! I'm a bit confused on how to handle games released in multiple parts (ex. higurashi games where the whole first part is over 4 separate releases), do we just pick the first? sum up total gameplay but enter it under only one part?
#16 by Ernovace
2021-08-03 at 18:17
< report >One more problem I have right now:

It has both volumes separated under releases and there is no combined release. Here I can only select one of the releases even though I voted for both (in score and time),

Edit: The person above me asked the same thing.Last modified on 2021-08-03 at 18:17
#17 by stealthswor
2021-08-03 at 18:25
< report >Thank you for this
#18 by beliar
2021-08-03 at 18:25
< report >Ah, yes this seems like an oversight. It should be possible to vote for all releases combined, where the VN is split into multiple partial entries.
#19 by npzmzfg
2021-08-03 at 18:27
< report >It's not very important, but it'd be nice if you could set a default reading speed in the settings. At least for me it is going to be the same for almost every single submission, so having it prefilled would be convenient.

ETA: The ability to filter the drop-down list of releases by language would also be useful, since most people only read VNs in one or two languages.Last modified on 2021-08-03 at 18:47
#20 by sho52
2021-08-03 at 18:44
< report >
I recommend ManicTime.

A similar piece of software I've been using since forever is RescueTime. I think such timetracking software (as long as you're fine with privacy concerns) can be more accurate than stuff like Steam, since it doesn't count the time if you're not actively focusing on the app itself, even if it's left running in the background. It's always somewhat funny to see how long a binge-reading session can be, and to see how many hours a VN reading streak can take up in a week (though maybe it's not surprising after all).Last modified on 2021-08-03 at 18:46
#21 by Mrkew
2021-08-03 at 19:08
< report >Gameplay Time Tracker mentioned in the OP also only counts the time the window is active.
#22 by falseshepherd
2021-08-03 at 19:09
< report >Software that i've been using is called Gameplay Time Tracker. it tracks both overall runtime, as well as interactive runtime. so it's able to determine if you're actively reading. it'll accurately be able to tell how long you've read it for, so long as you're advancing the text manually.

it's really useful since it doesn't usually count the time when you tab over or minimize the VN.Last modified on 2021-08-03 at 19:10
#23 by Yorhel
2021-08-03 at 19:17
< report >We've passed the 1000 votes. That's looking surprisingly good, didn't know so many people actually kept track of time. :)

Regarding VNs released in multiple parts: Oops, yeah, that's an oversight. I think I'll add an option to select multiple releases (soon™) to better handle this.

And I forgot to explicitely mention this in the announcement, but this voting thing is kinda worse than the old length field in one aspect: if you believe the indicated time to be wildly inaccurate, you can't do much about it other than add your own vote. And for unpopular titles the listed play time is going to be wildly inaccurate, no way around it. Then again, not like the old length field was any better...
#24 by Ernovace
2021-08-03 at 19:19
< report >Maybe the length displayed on the page can be decided via median instead of average (since huge deviation can exist).
Just throwing ideas around.
#25 by nowitsangetime
2021-08-03 at 19:21
< report >Thanks for adding this.

Hopefully it gets used well, It was kinda frustrating having Lengths be changed and have these vague 20 hour windows with stuff like "30-50 hours"