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#1 by lovepopp
2021-08-06 at 08:48
< report >I've noticed that visual novel releases marked as 'fully voiced' seem to have very different definitions. For example, Marriage Blue (link) is considered fully voiced as all characters (excluding the protagonist) are voiced, regardless of gender. On the other hand, Taimanin Asagi (link) is considered fully voiced despite only having voice acting for female characters.

Personally, I really like male voice acting in visual novels, but there's no good way to search for it. There's the tag 'Protagonist with Voice Acting' (link), but that doesn't really help, as it would apply to Taimanin Asagi as it has a female protagonist, but not Marriage Blue as the male protagonist is not voiced despite every other male character being voiced.

Maybe we could come up with some tag like 'Male Voice Acting' or something? I love how specific the tags on the website are but this seems to be an unclear area.
#2 by naiohoras
2021-08-06 at 09:44
< report >you can search for them with character filter feature.
male protagonists with voice acting link
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