Otakon 2021 Announcements

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#1 by Ileca
2021-08-08 at 00:16
< report >Not Sakura no Mori † Dreamers 2, not Honoguraki Toki no Hate Yori, not Natsu no Iro no Nostalgia A K A a shitty Moonstone = Love Sweets
A Novectacle aka nothing to complain about = Seventh Coat
Promised elves but instead of Sukebe Elf we have a meh Waffle = Namaiki Dark Elf 3 Shimai ga Boku ni Nakadashi o Motomeru.
A Clock Up!!!! until you hear the music and you see a note... yeah it was 50/50 and we lost :((( = Ero Voice! H na Voice de Icha Love Success ♪Last modified on 2021-08-08 at 00:18
#2 by HataVNI
2021-08-08 at 00:19
< report >MangaGamer best panel of the year. There was not much competition tho
#3 by ninety2pac
2021-08-08 at 00:38
< report >I'm happy to see a dark elf game. I love dark elves. The Clock Up! game also looks pretty fun. I can't say Fraternite/Erewhon/Ori/etc. are my cup of tea, so I'm glad to see a more vanilla entry. I would have loved to see Kenzen 2 or Kyonyuu Fantasy 4 though. I'm kinda surprised Sakura no Mori † Dreamers 2 or Kara no Shoujo 3 weren't announced to be honest.Last modified on 2021-08-08 at 00:38
#4 by forever-here
2021-08-08 at 00:53
< report >probably novectacle game. even though i haven't touch a single vn from them.
#5 by mozsca
2021-08-08 at 00:57
< report >Would rather see Sex Open World or Dreamers 2 from Moonstone. Can't say much about Novectacle, dont like the art. Nukige wise i don't like the clock up games. The one who catched my attention was the dark elf one, but aside from the funbag series, Waffle games seem to be rather weak. It's a bust.
#6 by Tremmy
2021-08-08 at 01:21
< report >I'll always take more BR imoutos wherever I can get them. Rather would've seen sakuranomori 2 though.
#7 by ghostdiver
2021-08-08 at 01:38
< report >I'M simple man all wanted was Erewhon and i didnt get it SHIIIIT !!
#8 by messiahprinny
2021-08-08 at 03:01
< report >I got Muramasa this month so I expected a monkey's paw or something. Honestly, none of these are particularly that interesting. I'll take the elf one because even if it isn't Sukebe Elf brown elves are brown elves.
#9 by pik3rob
2021-08-08 at 03:17
< report >More low quality Waffle and Clock Up titles. Can't they license some good nukige for once?
#10 by vndbaccount
2021-08-08 at 07:17
< report >#9 pretty sure people list good titles in yearly suggestion form. Why MG doesn't listen to them is a mystery (crying in Oyako Rankan, Tsumamigui 3, Haha Ranman)Last modified on 2021-08-09 at 03:34
#11 by hotundeadaction
2021-08-08 at 07:22
< report >They'd probably work on those titles if 80% of people playing them weren't pirates
#12 by bookwormotaku
2021-08-08 at 09:05
< report >Hoping this isn't a sign that either side of the eroge industry is declining because of Covid. I'll admit of these announcements the only one I'm interested in is Ero Voice since I do appreciate the edutainment aspect of a look at seeing how the H related stuff I enjoy is made; still would've preferred Ero Manga. The elf game from Waffle and the Moonstone game I'm feeling "meh" about but I'll probably get them at some point though with Waffle I would have preferred 3if's fandisk, Mankitsu Happening or debuting the Maki-chan series; Moonstone like everyone else I would have preferred Sex Open World or Dreamers 2. Still, I'll be optimistic since with Muramasa coming and my gaming backlog being huge already maybe with the free time I can clear some of it.
#13 by Ileca
2021-08-08 at 09:10
< report >Maybe they can't choose and have to work with the titles that were given to them. It's probably in the developer's best interest to not have all their best titles localized first and all the crap after (with the publisher suddenly bailing on them).
#14 by shukumeiteki1
2021-08-08 at 10:29
< report >But isn't Seventh Coat freeware? Is the only good thing in the list really but it seems wrong somehow...
#15 by Aresia
2021-08-08 at 10:59
< report >A nope. Still prefers Dreamers 2 but a vanilla imouto love is always okay. The nukiges are weak, and there's too many of them anyway. No comment on Novectacle since I don't play their kind.
#16 by shinytentacool
2021-08-08 at 12:52
< report >The elf game looks not bad
But on the Clock-up side yea I hope they get to Dead Days.
Or maybe Fraternite/Erewhon, but those last two have me skeptical cause of the amount of rape

Rinkan Kurabu looked like a quality title but the plot was so dumb and so much rape I couldn't keep reading it. Erewhon comes off the same to me, maybe I'm wrongLast modified on 2021-08-08 at 12:52
#17 by janpri
2021-08-08 at 14:30
< report >I want some NTR for once...
#18 by bobjr2000
2021-08-09 at 01:07
< report >I am assuming this event thing is about english translation. If so I am fine with ero voice. I already complete but w/e its a nukige that hopefully they get rid of censors.


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