Best girl?

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#1 by c2k
2021-08-10 at 08:35
< report >The usual tradition of every VN. Voting for the best/favorite girl
#2 by teamkazato
2021-08-16 at 21:13
< report >that's very easy, it's Alice
#3 by icku
2021-09-21 at 00:55
< report >Before starting I thought it's going to be Alicetia but Usagi really grew on me during common and her route made her even better than all other heroines.
#4 by Jobforabrokeboi
2021-10-18 at 18:25
< report >Bruh, Tateha gettin no love ;-;

I picked Anna first though, felt bad for her for barely getting any screentime in the common route.Last modified on 2021-10-22 at 21:01


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