way to see poplarty+rating for VNs on producr page

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#1 by yvsei
2021-08-14 at 04:22
< report >i think this would be a good feature to help people (especially people new to visual novels) find the better or more popular visual novels from producers more easilyLast modified on 2021-08-14 at 05:12
#2 by NowItsAngeTime
2021-08-16 at 17:21
< report >Popularity is based on how many people have read the visual novel and liked it so generally you can just look at how many people voted for the visual novel at the bottom of the VN page

Rating is already there on the bottom of the VN page.
#3 by Jazz957
2021-08-16 at 17:56
< report >You missed what the question was asking. He meant for that information to be displayed on the producer pages next to the VNs, which tbh doesn't sound that great of an idea since I think that would get too cluttered.
#4 by NowItsAngeTime
2021-08-16 at 18:08
< report >Oh whoops

Maybe it could work, to add a few small columns
#5 by yvsei
2021-08-17 at 03:43
< report >i don't think adding popularity and ratings to the page would make it *that* cluttered. maybe vndb could make an option to toggle it then?

an update on the search section could make this possible too
#6 by Yorhel
2021-08-17 at 12:08
< report >The search already has this functionality, though admittedly not as convenient as listing those options directly on the producer pages.
#7 by yvsei
2021-08-17 at 21:28
< report >that's exactly what i was looking for, thanks!
#8 by stealthswor
2021-08-17 at 21:35
< report >VNStat has this ability fyi


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