PC release?

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#1 by vnboi
2021-09-03 at 03:10
< report >I know they said they wanted to make it PC but then decided to do console for the better experience, but does anyone think it will eventually come out? I mean there is already an unofficial translation starting and it says it's for PC so I'm not sure how that works. Is it gonna be like an emulator for the game to PC? Basically, will it come to PC? Another thing I'm wondering is will this be translated officially?
#2 by joaco3333
2021-09-03 at 11:33
< report >well i think we wont have a pc version, and an oficiall translation would be a miracle since fate didnt have one.But the fan comunity wont wait too much before finding a way to make it playable somehow
#3 by surferdude
2021-09-03 at 16:12
< report >Ported to Renpy maybe?
#4 by vegezzz
2021-09-05 at 20:08
< report >I had to check the rom size. 32 gb. What. Did Typemoon insert couple of 1080p anime movies in the game as well?
#5 by berkaykrl
2021-09-06 at 16:48
< report >I think they won't port it to PC, no sources don't trust me. It's just thing I heard on the web.
#6 by ruweeb
2021-09-07 at 01:52
< report >According to Famitsu interview they had ported pc version to consoles. So they have pc version. The questions are what their strategy and road map. I think they will release far side 6-12 months after near side and PC version 18-24 months. It's speculation for japanese version. As of international release I think near side can be purchased after 6-12 months on consoles or never.TM is realy weird to intenational fans. So use emulators and wait fan translation.
#7 by vnboi
2021-09-09 at 05:02
< report >Looks like there is gonna be a Nintendo Switch English machine translation. I'm gonna assume it's an emulator translation but hey, any translation is good.
#8 by josevd
2021-09-09 at 17:15
< report >.Last modified on 2021-09-10 at 08:12
#9 by historyeraser
2021-09-09 at 17:34
< report >>reading mtl
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#11 by mutsuki
2021-09-12 at 02:23
< report >doubt there'll be a pc version. the credits say it was ported to console by delightworks. if they wanted a pc version they'd have released it in the first place.

well the stupid pirates will port it anyway so it won't matter in the endLast modified on 2021-09-12 at 02:24
#12 by historyeraser
2021-09-13 at 03:12
< report >Lol the PC version has a lost media wiki article apparently: link)


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