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#1 by anonymous
2021-09-10 at 17:56
< report >The new page is already on the site guys i am ready if this is real mom and son incest again with impregnation inbreeding and vaginal pregnant sex and more after pregnancy then im ready finaly something.

The plot will be the same as always i gues but stil i like this stuff so i would play it.Last modified on 2021-09-12 at 05:51
#2 by mikiru
2021-09-10 at 18:04
< report >Here we go again
#3 by anonymous
2021-09-10 at 18:48
< report >What does that mean lol im just very happy for this game. :D
#4 by danteas
2021-09-10 at 19:39
< report >i will try ro read the second and third before this one comes out
#5 by pik3rob
2021-09-11 at 01:42
< report >As long as the MILF is hot, I'll be pleased no matter what, and this MILF is hot.
#6 by nukihunter
2021-09-11 at 02:14
< report >As long as the Milf is a widow, there's will nothing interesting with this game ( I hope not). Probably will be the same as the other game.Last modified on 2021-09-11 at 04:42
#7 by heartbeat
2021-09-11 at 06:04
< report >oh boy oh boy

im gonna enjoy this.
#8 by tegerus
2021-09-13 at 06:55
< report >Details of the work will be out on the 17th according to their blog. Wasn't really a fan of the last game and it's the same writer so we'll have to wait and see. At least we're getting some mother novels, between this, Tinkerbells new novel, and Eroits new novel coming at the end of the month. Feels like we've been waiting an entire year for something new.
#9 by anonymous
2021-09-13 at 16:16
< report >Tinkerbell and eroits arent bringing out mom and son incest stuff ? Right now ?Last modified on 2021-09-13 at 16:17
#10 by mikiru
2021-09-13 at 16:18
< report >No.
#11 by shadesofblue
2021-09-13 at 21:01
< report >Well, well. I definitely was waiting to see when they would announce this game. I'm surprised they started all over again with the numbering seeing as this has a 2 next to the title, I wonder if they already have at least one more game planned to make a 3-pack like the last ones. I'm definitely liking the look of the mom, need to see more details.
#12 by kuroonehalf
2021-09-13 at 22:35
< report >Interesting to see a tomboyish-looking mom. I think it may be the first. I guess 4's is kind of tomboyish in looks, but not much in personality. I really hope they can improve the writing. The last one was better than the last few games, but it still left a lot to be desired.Last modified on 2021-09-14 at 05:10
#13 by bobjr2000
2021-09-14 at 03:37
< report >I would say 1,3 and 4 had fairly short hair looking same as tomboyish. But I wouldn't count on writing getting much better.
#14 by shadesofblue
2021-09-14 at 13:26
< report >I'd say only the mom from the fourth game looks kinda tomboyish for me but not by a lot.

Also speaking of Eroit, I wonder if they are watching Anim's success with the musumama series and are thinking of trying more Oyako Ai games. Having nothing come out after Oyako Ai 2 is strange considering that these type of titles appear to be becoming more popular. Then again, it might be for different reasons.
#15 by ppan
2021-09-14 at 21:04
< report >Hopefully some more reluctance from both parties. Always enjoy when the incest isn't only in there just because the protagonist calls the girl he has sex with "mom"
#16 by mikiru
2021-09-15 at 07:21
< report >You guys are expecting something impossible from the game again. For a long time, ANIM policy has not included such thing as a good and interesting story. This game will not differ from the previous. I think it's time to understand that ANIM is not good at storytelling.Last modified on 2021-09-15 at 07:22
#17 by nukihunter
2021-09-15 at 08:17
< report >#16 Agree. The biggest problem with ANIM Mother & Wife is there is no sense of a good writing. Everything is too vanilla and the fact there's no strong sense of immorality pissed me off since this mother/son incest after all. Most of these 'mother' don't act like a proper mother at all. Hell, even some of the mother in law game I played far better in personality. Can we get another strict/serious type of mom next time ??

In the end it's all depends on the writer. The funny things the writer,Yamano Eiko can actually write decent nukige especially in NTR title. But for some reason, when comes to vanilla game like this this guy writing ability feels weak.

You people at least check this out to find what a proper mom should behave

Ranbo ~Miboujin Haha no Ureta Nikutai~
Kyouiku Mama to Oba to Oba

Hell,even if the game is fucking vanilla. This game manage to have a good sense of immorality. This game is the prime example

Amae Haha Nozomi "Dame yo, Sonna ni Okaa-san o Motomenaide.Last modified on 2021-09-15 at 13:44
#18 by dadadum
2021-09-17 at 02:26
< report >According to the site, the mother and son are forced to live in a small apartment because their house burnt down and so fuckery ensues. oh and the father dies much earlier as is tradition. atleast its some plot i guess.

I'll reserve judgement but this genre has so much more potential, idk why barely anyone explores the immorality aspect with the dad present. if someone can recommend some other games where the dad is present or the immorality is felt more, let me know. There are so many top tier doujins with this scenario but its hard to come by in VN's.
#19 by shadesofblue
2021-09-17 at 04:27
< report >I'd say they don't try to explore it because some people don't like the NTR aspect of it.

In my case I'd say for example that I didn't like how Itsu made mo Musuko no Mama ja Irarenai! 2 ~Kyonyuu Kyoushi no Kaa-san ni Ie Demo Gakuen Demo Amaetai! Ah, Ii yo Kaa-san! Haa Haa, Sugoku Koufun Suru!~ or Itsu made mo Ore wa Mama ni Koishiteru! ~Ii yo, Mama ni Amaete, Oppai de Ippai Osewa Shite Ageru♪~ mother's route ended exactly due to the fact that the father is thinking the child(or children) are his. I would have rather have the parents recognize that they just don't feel the same way as before and end their relationship and just let the protagonist and the mother do their own thing. I do however understand why some people like that though.

Also regarding the "vanilla" feeling, I'd say there's nothing wrong with that however, the heroines should definitely show more reluctance towards things.
#20 by anonymous
2021-09-17 at 08:26
< report >Its another widowed mother at this point we should know where this game is heading but i will still like it.

I wished they added some stuff like doing stuff behind the dads back or letting them have more of a reaction to the incest and inbreeding but ohwel.

I also want to mention i am also no fan of making a baby with the mom and then no having the mom leave the dad thats so stupid.

On a good note i do like the outfits of the mother that are shown so far and she will be impregnated and be vaginal fucked pregnant again and haver real sons kids.Last modified on 2021-09-17 at 08:37
#21 by nukihunter
2021-09-17 at 11:23
< report >#18 Ah another settings where's the father die because the writer said so. It's just show for Anim Mother & Wife have this template of scenario dictate that for every mother/son game,the father must die for the sake of the bullshit vanilla plot.

#19 You know it's freaking vanilla when the heroine literally smiling in the cover page.

Just want add my thoughts. I don't hate vanilla. In fact I love the presence of vanilla in all moege/charage. But in the genre that touch taboo/immorality, it's totally ruined my enjoyment in mother/son incest not only in VN, also in doujin territory.Last modified on 2021-09-17 at 11:28
#22 by kuroonehalf
2021-09-17 at 14:32
< report >The writing has been ok before. I think 3 had the most solid story with the best sense of taboo. The mom puts boundaries for a while before giving in, which made it a lot more exciting, even if the art was lackluster. And 2's was also more stern than most, which was also a turn on.

Also, wow, I didn't realize that this was the same writer from link . That one's writing is excellent! It's like peak taboo in a vanilla story, and the current high mark for netorase. Then again, the game they wrote after is kinda doodoo. Seems like a russian roulette in terms of quality. Fingers crossed.
#23 by shadesofblue
2021-09-17 at 15:23
< report >I think 3 was okay in that regard, though in my opinion that's when they kinda went a little in the direction of "oh yeah, she just accepts things because reasons" even if there is some reluctance still at the beginning.

I think the first one is still the one I like the most with the exception of the forced part at the beginning.

#21 Again, I don't think there's anything inherently wrong with the fact that the story is vanilla though sure, showing more of the "oh no, someone will find about this" aspect is also fine.Last modified on 2021-09-17 at 15:24
#24 by nukihunter
2021-09-17 at 15:50
< report >#23 Yeah,because I'm too spoiled with how amazing the sex scenes in Anim Team MM. Maybe if these game has the same price as Anim Team MM/Anim ,maybe it could have the different result in quality. (more CG,more scenario dialogue)
#25 by mikiru
2021-09-17 at 17:55
< report >Wow. With the release of the site, I radically changed my attitude towards the type of mother. It looks pretty chubby on CG art, I like it. The outfits are good too. Damn, and her voice actress is pretty unique, never appeared in ANIM games before.

As for the plot, yes, you shouldn't expect anything else from vanilla nukige. Looking forward to December.