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#51 by fibag
2021-10-20 at 23:29
< report >#50 by nukihunter
I just run textactor x64 I put (s?erif,'游明朝')?<[a-zA-Z\/][^>]*> on regex filter but still I get garbage. I get just 2 hooks with javascript
#52 by nukihunter
2021-10-21 at 02:03
< report >#51 Are you using the same textractor version as me ? Version 5.0.1. The latest one.

and make sure use this as the arrangement of the extension

Removed Repeated Characters
Removed Repeated Phrases 2
Removed 30 Repeated SEntences
Regex Filter
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Google translate (your choice of translation)Last modified on 2021-10-21 at 02:03
#53 by ninth17
2021-10-21 at 02:30
< report >#50 thanks! works fine now
#54 by fibag
2021-10-21 at 08:39
< report >#52 by nukihunter
It work thanks man, I didn't have that version so I download the last one again and I put Removed Repeated Phrases 2
Removed 30 Repeated SEntences
It was not active this extension, so I put on extension and it works now..
Thanks brother, now I play again. xD
Edit: I make a thread on that game for others who have the same problem
link.Last modified on 2021-10-21 at 09:01
#55 by shadesofblue
2021-11-04 at 15:49
< report >So it appears some new images have been added to the official website and, what do you know, it shows the heroine pregnant. Really nice artwork so far.
#56 by nukihunter
2021-11-05 at 13:48
< report >#55 Well pretty much every single ANIM Mother & Wife heroines get pregnant in the end lol. Well, I'm still gonna check this game despite my endless rant haha.
#57 by ppan
2021-11-05 at 16:19
< report >I'm still waiting for the word "incest" to get dropped even once in these games. The ones who have incest which make this topic at least one big talking point before the sex with the word getting mentioned can be counted by one hand.Last modified on 2021-11-05 at 16:19
#58 by shadesofblue
2021-11-07 at 05:12
< report >#56 yeah, but you know how that guy that comments how much he likes that was worried about it, so it was just to let them know lol.

#57 As far as I remember, they don't say the word directly but they do say something like "we can't, we are parent and child!"
#59 by steelbron
2021-11-08 at 18:16
< report >#55

I'm happy she is pregnant, but doggy style is not a good position for vaginal pregnant sex I feel like you don't have a decent enough view of the pregnancy and that's what it's all about in such a scene.

These games need allot more from different types of moms to more effort being put into the incest aspect of the game, but I guess Il still enjoy this either way I love mother incest so.

Side note it's most of the time stated I think that the mom mention he was born from her so no doubt it's incest.Last modified on 2021-11-08 at 18:18
#60 by veshurik
2021-11-15 at 09:13
< report >What the difference between this series on katakana and hiragana? It is so strange, basically, it's 8th part, right? Not 2nd.
It is really confusing because of naming on romaji.
#61 by mikiru
2021-11-15 at 09:58
< report >The only difference is in length. ANIM rebranded the series.
#62 by veshurik
2021-11-16 at 10:19
< report >Hm... Well, sounds reasonable, okay.
Will wait the demo version to try
#63 by veshurik
2021-11-16 at 10:23
< report >Well, but you know, in this series ANIM has really great attractive art. So, they know what they do. Not all of their titles have nice art, yeah, but I think "Itsumama" series is their flagman series?..

For example, I like this art a lot more than... Miel titles, for example.
#64 by mikiru
2021-11-16 at 10:45
< report >Doubt ANIM has a "flagman" among their own studios. Each studio is unique in its own way and has its own artist. Moreover, each has radically different settings in their games. I doubt that there will be people who will read the NTR story with pleasure, and then switch to a vanilla game about a mother and son.

...Well, apart from me.Last modified on 2021-11-16 at 10:46
#65 by veshurik
2021-11-16 at 12:17
< report >Oh, also the difference between older series is that there is a bonus storyline from mom's point of view?
#66 by mikiru
2021-11-16 at 13:11
< report >With the exception of two spin-off and second part, storyline from mom's point of view is everywhere.
#67 by shadesofblue
2021-11-17 at 14:56
< report >#59 I really like the position so far, but I get you. However, I doubt this is the only position where it will show she's pregnant. In the last game you had when the guy is drinking breast milk, then having sex on a bed, then with an apron from behind and then at a pool. These new titles seem to have more variety regarding that.

#60 yeah, I'm wondering if they will change it again once they hit six games for a second time. I've been thinking and they could go いつまでも息子のははじゃいられない!or いつまでも息子のじゃいられない!like in one of the spin-off's. I'm definitely very surprised that the games have gotten to this point so far. I wonder how long they will go.
#68 by mikiru
2021-11-17 at 15:46
< report >ANIM not from scratch actually made rebranding of the series. For the most part, this is done to put the series into a kind of "evolution". We currently have a lot more content and H-scenes than in previous games. If the next rebranding takes place, the series will become more like spin-offs, in terms of the amount of internal content.
#69 by kratoscar2008
2021-11-17 at 17:13
< report >Wish they could bring some other artists for their Non NTR games.
Some of the designs of old Anim girls are great.
Wish they did a gloomy girl game like the one from their first NTR game but vanilla.
#70 by veshurik
2021-11-17 at 18:25
< report >Well, as I can see, we can expect Itsumama 3 at the end of 2022. And maybe with this ANIM will release 3-in-1 pack, like they did with original series, 6-in-1 pack.

To be honest, I still want to buy it (6 pack series) because of bonus download card with all animations, background voices and full songs, geez...
#71 by shadesofblue
2021-11-19 at 05:13
< report >#68 could you explain a bit more? I'm not understanding.

#70 that sounds about right, wonder if it would have the same schedule as this one in terms of announcements and stuff.

Also I'm with you, I'm guessing that's the plan since it probably worked for them in the last series.


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