Whos the MC ?

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#1 by roy1102
2021-09-11 at 22:10
< report >The getchu page doesn't tell much so i wanna know whos the MC and who is the male partner on the sex scenes. Also are the "more than one male" scenes mandatory ?
#2 by kingsley
2021-09-15 at 04:24
< report >well, certainly not someone who you would expect who it was, but from what I saw on some scenes that is shared on some porn sites, it kinda varies, to BBMs to some handsome bastards
#3 by stickyfingersx
2021-09-15 at 07:52
< report >The VN is narrated mostly from the heroines' PoV, so there's no set MC. But most (almost all) of the H-scenes are with a single partner who may be considered as the male lead here.

And yes, "more than one male" scene is mandatory (kinetic novel). There may be light NTR elements depending on how you view them. For more info, full spoilers

Near the end, the male lead (who is like a business executive) invites the heroine's father for a trade meeting and fucks his daughter who's prostituting herself in front of him [narrated from father's PoV]. Later, the ML would invite her father to screw the daughter (who got a boner after watching his daughter prostituting herself - hentai rationale yada yada), and the game ends with a swinging party (2 heroines - male lead and father).

That scene was quite hot, despite my poor attempt at describing it.
#4 by roy1102
2021-09-15 at 23:16
< report >Aright after reading the spoiler i can tell 100% this novel is not for me at all thanks for the reply bros


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