What to expect from Celenaria (not proper review)

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#1 by vegezzz
2021-09-13 at 12:45
< report >When you look at the box art at first glance you see that the artstyle is certainly different (if compared to the other WaB titles). Less Acid I guess? Jokes aside don't expect visual mindblow.

Souten no celenaria is part of the WaB lore and should not be overlooked.

Celenarias strenght is the setting of the game. The game does not happen in one place. Connie and the crew are constantly on the move. The magic of Celenaria is in the joy of adventure to the unknown. A journey to end of the world and beyond. I really liked this aspect.

This is a weird comparison but please, bare with me. I get One Piece vibes out of this. Blue sky and blue sea, fantastical creatures, absurd places, over the top villains, anthropomorphic animals etc. I mean Connie and the crew meet all kinds of weird things/people on the way. It's weird and entertaining.

Souten no Celenarias other strenght is in the atmosphere. Most of the games downtime takes place in the airship. Lounging in the the airship. Just chilling and you see the deep blue sky. In this game you can feel the sky and freedom.

The protagonist's are Likeable. They fit very well to the upbeat feel of the game.
It's entertaining and fun to see our main characters interact with the world around them (I think that the protagonist's are more interesting in the later wa's).

So the setting and atmosphere are the strenghts. What about weaknesses?

Well Souten no Celenaria falls really flat in the story. That's the fatal flaw. As a narrative experience it's not very good. The ending is cheesy and there is couple of stupid plot twists. Don't temper your expection is what I mean.

Well they got the fun part right and I guess that's the most important part.Last modified on 2021-09-13 at 14:21
#2 by Ileca
2021-09-13 at 22:28
< report >My first question is: is it filled with excruciating repetitions? Also, is it a monster of the week kind of game? Like the other WaB titles?
#3 by kiru
2021-09-14 at 06:32
< report >It's chapter based, and it has the repetition, though it's not like it's major parts or just repeating the same information again and again and again as some writers do. It's for stylistic reasons, and short parts.

That said, past chapter 1 it gets pretty boring. Its writing is also anything but tight. Like I don't understand how a women sniping a plane with a spear from the ground gets raped by random thugs. It's one of those games, where the adult content effectively harms the overall story and characters, as it's included in a rather.. random and nonsensical way.
Chapter 1 was mostly good though. But I don't think it's worth playing the game for that. It's considered the weakest out of the series, and while I don't know the entire game, from what I've seen I'd agree. I don't regret playing chapter 1 though.

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#4 by Ileca
2021-09-14 at 20:43
< report >Big thank you for the random spoiler.
Also, you are unclear if the repetitions are the kind you find in other titles of the series i.e. identical sequences with sometimes slight variations. I wasn't talking about typical padding.
#5 by vegezzz
2021-09-16 at 15:32
< report >#4 Do you mean that "pavlovian style" writing style what is in every WaB? No. You don't find that kind of artsy stuff here. "Monster of the week"? Hmm no.... Maybe? When Chapter changes you get a new land to explore and you will find all kinds of weird creatures. The exploration however, is the main thing of the game. There is a cute flying minigame included.
#6 by Ileca
2021-09-16 at 21:43
< report >I don't know what you mean by Pavlovian writing style.
If you both have read other titles from this series (well, at least Inganock and Sharnoth), I really don't understand why do I have to explain that, given that it is one of the main complaint made about them.
In Inganock, an example would be the sequence about the Ougon Rasen Kaidan and in Sharnoth you have the Baron Münchausen or the Engine Kaidou sequences that you read many many times, every chapter. Truly annoying.
#7 by vegezzz
2021-09-16 at 23:36
< report >For future readers "Pavlovian style" is meant to be taken ironically. It's a joke. What I mean by that is overuse of repetition (for example when rhyme is being repeated. Same scene, same rhyme. You know what I mean). Generally in WaBs I like it but sometimes I think that writer is has sniffed too much glue.

#6 Thank you for memory refreshment. Now I know exactly what you mean. Yeah there is nothing like that in Celenaria.
#8 by Ileca
2021-09-17 at 01:36
< report >Honestly, the more I read about Souten no Celenaria, the more I am interested. No repetition is already a pretty cool thing, but the main focus being exploration? That is even cooler. I am a little fearful of the overall story being lame but you know how the journey matters more than the goal. It sounds like Cannonball: lame story but interesting experience. If the general motif happens to be much better than Cannonball, I am in.
Btw this game makes me think of Seven-Bridge (didn't read it). Train, exploration, journey.
#9 by shiny
2021-09-17 at 08:01
< report >As far as the WaB series, I liked Celenaria the most. It doesn't have that feeling of entrapment both Sharnoth and Inganock had, both because it didn't have much in the way of repetitive scenes (as mentioned above, kassai seyo etc) but also because the setting is very colorful and vast, the characters are overall cheerful and positive etc so it doesn't drown in gloomines the way Sharnoth and Inganock do. I liked the cheese in the ending, actually. It feels like a classic Disney movie, in a way.
About the only thing that harms the game is-- in every WaB game I felt like I was missing some references that I assumed were either covered in the previous games or some supplementary materials (what exactly is Kaddath? How do you travel there? Who is the Tick-tock Man?), and I had the same issue with Celenaria even though it was the very first game in the series. You'll def enjoy it more if you have at least some knowledge of the specific body of work Sakurai seems to be referencing (Lovecraft? Jules Verne? idk what else)


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