Theory for what happened in the story (SPOILERS)

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#1 by onorub
2021-09-13 at 14:22
< report >After spending some time thinking about the story, i came up with a theory where everything seems to fall together for me. If there is something i got seriously wrong, please warn me. My theory has three main story points as basis:

-Ayana claiming that "Mamiya has sided with the crawling chaos" towards the end of Yukito's chapter. Why would she say that if she's Nyarlathothep as so many theories say?
-The "it's just Mamiya's idea" line at the end of Yukito's chapter along with the concept of the elder deities entering people's minds as soon as they're acknowledged from Yasuko's chapter.
-The implied entering people's conciousness' and time loops from Numinose II.

With those in mind, the theories that Ayana is simply Nyarlathothep screwing around with people the whole story seem way too simple for me. My theory is as follows:

As the date of Nostradamus' prophecy approached, elder entities like Nyarlathothep saw a perfect opportunity to instill the idea of the end of the world on people's minds so that it would become real. For that, they took advantage of two mentally stable people that knew about the prophecy and were prone to mind manipulation, Takuji and Zakuro. The plan was for them to influence as many people as possible to make the idea of the end of the world strong enough to become reality.

Ayana was an elder entity that didn't want the world to end, so she saw Yukito as the most intelligent person she could find at the time and used him to dispel the idea of the end of the world through logical thinking by entering the conciousness' of some key people over a bunch of time loops. Ayana was sucessful in the end and as a reward she either gave Yukito a happy mortal life with Kotomi on Earth or an immortal life with herself on the abyss where the entities live.Last modified on 2021-09-13 at 14:29
#2 by vninfohata
2021-09-13 at 15:41
< report >Scaji seems to love these red herrings. In Subahibi it was the Final Abode and the "Ayana as a comatose" theory that became obvious and in this game it's the Nyarlathothep reveal. I don't think we'll ever know and it doesn't matter either as long yukito is happy :)
#3 by ithoo
2021-09-13 at 19:52
< report >Scaji has always played with ambiguity. It is impossible to be sure, for example, that the world did not "end" and that in reality the "new world" is only a creation of Ayana's that began when Yukito woke up (Five-minute hypothesis, which is mentioned at the beginning of the eroge).
Ayana's existence has always played with the psyche of some individuals who arouse her interest, so it wouldn't be surprising if she has become attached to someone and gifted them with "false happiness" for all eternity.


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