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#1 by mrkew
2021-09-14 at 17:27
< report >Amazing griefing which fucks up the search completely. Great job.
#2 by rampaa
2021-09-14 at 18:41
< report >You are welcome.

1) If you don't want to get games where Only a Single Heroine applies, then you can simply use the search like link.

2) "All/Only X Heroine(s)" tags always applied to Only a Single Heroine games (see link. Notice how 2 tagmods applied the tag to a game where there's only a single heroine. Also notice that Warfoki is also the one who tagged the game with Only a Single Heroine: link) this is nothing new. It's no different than you applying Only Virgin Heroines to Kagikko L-only Case.2 ~Mii-chan Emergency!~.

Also Beliar has recently clarified that those tags can be used for games with a single heroine as well (See: t8242.611).
#3 by mrkew
2021-09-14 at 20:05
< report >It is pollution of the tag itself and the tag cloud to add things like "all younger heroines" and "all heroines are protagonist's sister" to every single heroine VN you can think of. In this case, you're also effectively downing the tag power from 3 to 2 because of your laziness to adjust the power from default.
Don't compare only virgin heroines which is an extremely common tag and default heroine state to more niche tags. "All" is not applicable to singular. Simple as that. All means there are multiple heroines and the tag applies to all (<- that's the word used in practice, notice it refers to a group, not an individual) of them.
If I said "All my wives are blonde", what would it imply? That I have more than 1. English is not a hard language.Last modified on 2021-09-14 at 20:06
#4 by naiohoras
2021-09-14 at 23:10
< report >guys, I've just got a really bad idea and I'm really ashamed from just thinking it, but...
why don't we rename the all "all" tags to "Only Younger Heroines", "Only Protagonist's Sister as Heroines", and so on?


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